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Make overdraft limit on Fd which is made by gifted m money

I want to fullfill my financial requirment for my business to make a overdraft limit on a FD this FD amount money is come from as a gifted money; which come from my father mother and from spouse, in this FD 90% share is of above relatives and 10 % share is mine ; what kind of complications in this kind of transaction ? Kindly suggest me what to do who pay interest on overdraft limit and who take interest on FD ? I am confused; please guide me ...

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Money Gift

My father , mother and sister want to gift me money every year for supporting me in my business , i am income tax assese (My Firm books is audited every year by my ca ) and they all are also , 1) is which money they gift me is taxable or not ? 2) is these banking transactions are attract to fix scrutiny cases ? Kindly clear my these 2 points ..

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About Depriciation

I bought a new car , I pay all charges of new car to showroom owner for example = car value (600000)+ insurance (25000) + Registration fees extra( 45000) , can I claim depriciation on whole amount 670000 in my books ; my accountant says I don't claim insurance value ( 25000)for depriciation, pls suggest me ?..

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Sir, I need a project report in excel format for newly established educational institution. pls provide me a sample copy if possible.🙏 is my mail id. ..

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Wanted to confirm about March TDS Payment due date and Investments submission last date...

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