SEBI to Stiffen Rules for the Use of IPO Proceeds

The markets regulator on 28/12/2021 (Tuesday), tightened rules for initial public offerings. SEBI has aimed at tackling regulatory gaps and extreme stock price volatility on their trading debut. In the year 2021 Indian companies have raised Rs. 1.19 trillion through IPOs with 63 companies going public. However, the raging bulls have highlighted a few loopholes in the listing process, especially for new companies. SEBI has said that where the objective is inorganic growth, both acquisition ..

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Listing a company on stock exchange & IPO application process

The year 2021 so far has been the best year for the initial public offerings (IPOs) and listings. Almost Thirty eight companies have already made their maiden offers till July 2021 which includes some of biggest business giants like Zomato, Paytm etc. While More than half of these IPOs did well only on the very first listing day, others (like Paytm) have gone into negative or remained flat. One of the questions that generally arises in the mind of young entrepreneurs are how to list your busi..

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Are New Age IPOs Becoming a Madness of People?

On 11th Nykaa, (Single profit making company among the Blockbuster recent listings among PB, Paytm, Zomato) an online fashion seller listed its shares on Stock Market at the valuation of 22x of its SALES. WITHIN 3 days it got double and inflated to 1800x PE ratio (smaller the better). Whereas TCS valued at PE 30x -35x considered little bit expensive. It takes 1800 years to get money back if Nykaa continues to do same profit. 'Poor' people are still buying it! But why? There is an anal..

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Taxability of Listing gains in IPO

IPOs are an opportunity for picking up great stocks for long term investment. But one of the major reasons for investing in IPOs by retail investors is listing gain. Due to increased market awareness and increased liquidity recent IPOs have been oversubscribed. Because of huge demand shares are listed on prices higher than allotment price which results in listing gain. Most of retail investors invest for such gain and they sell the shares on the day of listing.   Tax implications on l..

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The new age of IPOs

The Nykaa IPO created a great buzz and gave upto 90% of returns to investors on the very first day. Story of Zomato and Swiggy IPO was success  and Paytm IPO is oversubscribed too but why sudden obsession with IPOs? Nykaa IPO was expected to give good returns but not this high as company was a profit making a big brand though formed in 2012.  Its a new unicorn. Paras defence, Nureca gave good returns to its investors. This has encourage more and more companies to go for IPO...

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Should you invest in current IPOs?

If we discuss on IPOs, interests of company promoters and public investors normally act against each other. Investors will ideally benefit the most by investing in IPOs when secondary markets are at lows. In contrast, promoters will benefit the most by selling their shares through IPOs when markets are at record highs. In this war of interests, company promoters always win because they are much intelligent (can even say 'crooks'), have money power, can hire expert professionals for ..

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All about the Paytm IPO - The Biggest IPO in History of India

India's largest public issue, Paytm's Rs. 18,300 crore IPO opened for subscription on Monday i.e 8th November and will conclude on 10th November. History of Paytm Incorporated in 2000, One97 Communications launched Paytm in 2009, India's leading digital ecosystem for consumers and merchants. It is a 'mobile-first' digital payments platform to enable cashless payments for Indians. It is the largest payments platform in India based on the number of consumers, merchants, t..

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3 Upcoming IPOs to Look Forward To

The rush for the IPOs continues. From beauty brands to food delivery apps, the record for startup's IPO seems to shoot up. The three-day IPOs of Paytm, Sapphire Foods India and Latent View Analytics are scheduled to hit capital markets on November 8, November 9 and November 10, respectively. In 2021, 46 Companies floated IPOs which raised INR 80,102 crore and expected to raise INR 1 lakh crore by the year end.   Paytm One97 Communication, a digital firm which operates under ..

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All you need to know about the Nykaa IPO

Nykaa is a multi-brand beauty and personal care platform in India and is expanding rapidly into fashion and lifestyle segments. It is also trying to woo men with the launch of Nykaa Man. The 5,352 crore IPO of FSN E-commerce Ventures, which owns Nykaa, opened on Thursday. The TPG-backed startup's initial stake sale is a mix of a fresh issue and an offer for sale (OFS). Kotak Mahindra Capital, Morgan Stanley India, BofA Securities India, Citigroup Global Markets India, JM Financial and ..

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Kotyark IPO 21st October, 2021 - TC Share Market Bucket

Kotyark IPO Tracker Company Name Exchange Open Date Close Date Lot Size Issue Price (Rs) Issue Size (Rs Cr) Rating* Kotyark Industries Ltd. SME NSE Oct.21, 2021 Oct 25, 2021 2000 shares 51 11.26 NA *NA- not assigned / not available &..

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Eligibility Norms and Process of Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a very important point at which an unlisted company decides to go public for the first time by publicly listing its shares and selling its stocks to the investors. It is an offer of shares typically made to raise capital for the company. The main aim of an IPO is to raise funds from public investors. It also enhances the credibility and brand value of the company. Apart from raising funds for growth, some companies may announce an IPO to clear off company ..

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7 Steps to Analyse an IPO

How to Analyse an IPO? We all know that the season of IPO is going on with many companies coming up with IPO's and many more to come. This has created a lot of buzz and left many people confused as to such which IPO to apply for and which to leave. In this article, I have tried to come up with pointers to look out for when you want to analyse an IPO. 7 Steps to analyse an IPO   Step 1: Understand the Business Model The first step would be to get to know about the business..

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What is an IPO?

'IPO' you might have heard this word quite a lot especially in the last two months. In this article I will explain you the meaning of IPO and its relevance. In a layman's language an initial public offer or an IPO is the first time when a company issues shares to Public. Before an IPO a company generally has few shareholders but when it decides to get listed on a stock exchange and to go public it takes the route of IPO. During an IPO the company opens its shares for the sale to p..

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