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Kotyark IPO 21st October, 2021 - TC Share Market Bucket

Kotyark IPO Tracker Company Name Exchange Open Date Close Date Lot Size Issue Price (Rs) Issue Size (Rs Cr) Rating* Kotyark Industries Ltd. SME NSE Oct.21, 2021 Oct 25, 2021 2000 shares 51 11.26 NA *NA- not assigned / not available &..

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Eligibility Norms and Process of Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a very important point at which an unlisted company decides to go public for the first time by publicly listing its shares and selling its stocks to the investors. It is an offer of shares typically made to raise capital for the company. The main aim of an IPO is to raise funds from public investors. It also enhances the credibility and brand value of the company. Apart from raising funds for growth, some companies may announce an IPO to clear off company ..

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7 Steps to Analyse an IPO

How to Analyse an IPO? We all know that the season of IPO is going on with many companies coming up with IPO's and many more to come. This has created a lot of buzz and left many people confused as to such which IPO to apply for and which to leave. In this article, I have tried to come up with pointers to look out for when you want to analyse an IPO. 7 Steps to analyse an IPO   Step 1: Understand the Business Model The first step would be to get to know about the business..

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What is an IPO?

'IPO' you might have heard this word quite a lot especially in the last two months. In this article I will explain you the meaning of IPO and its relevance. In a layman's language an initial public offer or an IPO is the first time when a company issues shares to Public. Before an IPO a company generally has few shareholders but when it decides to get listed on a stock exchange and to go public it takes the route of IPO. During an IPO the company opens its shares for the sale to p..

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