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info technology [3]

Artificial Intelligence in Financial Service

Artificial Intelligence: Meaning and ImportanceArtificial intelligence (AI) is an upcoming technology in banking industry. Artificial Intelligence means the ab..

Posted in articles |   1065 Views

Blockchain simplified

When we think about a financial transaction what first thing comes into your mind? Bank, financial institution? Correct! Till now whenever there is a financia..

Posted in articles |   3 comments |   1097 Views

9 Excel print settings you probably don't know about

In this article, I present 9 Excel print tips which I am sure you'd like to know to make the task of printing your worksheets seem like a breeze...

Posted in articles |   2 comments |   3292 Views

How to Insert a Pivot Table in Excel - Pivot Table Basics

This article covers all the basics of Pivot Tables and explains the concept in a very simple manner...

Posted in articles |   7 comments |   4981 Views

Making Excel Worksheets Look Professional - A Case Study

This article contains a case study about making excel worksheets look professional and presentable...

Posted in articles |   4 comments |   2874 Views

Is Aadhaar bio-metric safe?

Explain the frame work of bio metric authentication process and the high risk area in the domain...

Posted in articles |   6 comments |   1485 Views

Rounding Numbers in Excel - The Complete Guide

In this article I provide you with 10 excel functions that you can use in different situations to make your task of rounding of numbers in Excel easier...

Posted in articles |   2 comments |   6041 Views

17 Useful Ribbon Shortcuts Used by Excel Experts

In this article i discuss 17 very useful ribbon shortcuts in MS Excel that can help you increase your speed while working on Excel...

Posted in articles |   8 comments |   5062 Views

Guide to Data Cleaning in Excel

In this comprehensive article, I have discussed 11 super-powerful data cleaning techniques that will take your data cleaning skills to the next level..

Posted in articles |   2 comments |   2483 Views

What is UPI and how is it different ?

Normally if we need to transfer money from bank account of a person to bank account of another person or between bank accounts of same person, in initial days p..

Posted in articles |   1 comments |   2619 Views

Fluctuations in Economic Status of Uber since Last 9 Months

Using these application riders can submit a trip request and the app does the remaining task. ..

Posted in articles |   764 Views

Why you should look at AI positively and not fear from it

�The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.� - Bill ClintonThe world around us is rapidly changing and it is chan..

Posted in articles |   1354 Views

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