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Intersection of High-Speed Internet and Artificial Intelligence: How Faster Connections are Driving Innovation

The advancements in technology have brought about an intersection between high-speed internet and artificial intelligence (AI). This convergence is changing the way we live, work, and interact with technology. In this article, we will explore how the internet and AI are intersecting, the impact they have on each other, and the possibilities that arise from their convergence. Introduction Internet and AI are two of the most transformative technologies of our time. High-speed internet has re..

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How to access Tally ERP on Mac?

Working on the Tally ERP solution is easy for Windows users, but what about the rest of the users? Users who are not Windows users, such as Mac users, may be unable to download or utilize Tally on Mac. On the other hand, Tally accounting software may be utilized on a MacBook because of its useful and productive features. Read on to discover more. Is Tally ERP compatible with Mac? Yes, the Tally ERP 9 application works on a MacBook. Using some indirect ways users can access Tally accounting..

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India digitizing Global Economy through its UPI

The Current Landscape "Keshav," a vegetable vendor in Kolkata, uses multiple QR (Quick Response) code stickers - Bharat Pe, Paytm, and PhonePe - printed on white paper. Even in a chaotic market, his ears are constantly alert to the UPI-linked sound box, which frequently alerts him with a "payment received" voice notification. Customers also flash their UPI app screen, evidenced with a "payment successful" message. The amount spent on the UPI sound box doesn't..

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Everything you need to know about Tally ERP on the Cloud

Cloud-based Tally accounting software Tally ERP is a small and medium-sized business software program with various advantages such as payroll administration, salary, inventory, salary, invoices, reports, and more. Tally was limited to office sites only but with cloud computing, it is now available on the Cloud and effortlessly available over the globe.  Is Tally ERP cloud-based? A tally is a Windows-based software that does not allow for direct remote access from any place in the w..

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A Guide to buy the best Solar Battery for your Home Solar Panel

Laptops and smartphones are increasingly powered by lithium-ion batteries. However, many firms are now interested in producing electric vehicles, and as a result, lithium-ion battery technology in large moulds is growing. This is a great potential for the data centre sector, which is still reliant on closed-lead (dry) lead-acid batteries to power its infrastructure. The amount of lithium-ion battery do I need? It's easier to estimate daily use for lithium because the technique is 99 pe..

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12 Benefits of Tally On Cloud For Small Business

Tally on Cloud At present, most businesses are using tally accounting software. The uses of tally for small businesses are essential these days. It is very convenient to use and keep track of accounting books and records. Those who face huge growth can use the tally accounting software from small to medium-sized businesses. This software can handle tax management, accounting, purchase management, inventory management, invoicing, sales management, payroll, and much more. You can also grab m..

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How Much Should You Invest in Website Design?

It's not easy to decide just how much to invest in a website design. Just like with any other business expense, the amount of money you're going to invest in your website will largely depend on your specific needs and goals.  For example, popular and frequently visited websites like online casino sites, for instance, need an exceptional website design to both attract and retain visitors. Moreover, if you're a small business owner who is just starting out, then you probably wo..

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India - The Third Largest Unicorn Hub

India has now become the 3rd largest unicorn hub in the world and surpasses even major countries such as the UK, Germany, France, and more. Moreover, it becomes the fastest growing startup ecosystem and creates a unicorn every five days. Until now, India has seen over 90 Unicorns and moving towards making the century in 2022. With the speed at which India is becoming a unicorn hub, we will not be surprised if it will overachieve the 150 unicorns by 2025. What is Unicorn? Any star..

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Introduction to Six Sigma in corporates

Digital transformation has become the hottest buzzword of this decade. New technologies and tools are supporting the transformation journey of companies big and small as they compete to get a bigger slice of business in a fast-paced competitive environment. Yet, is it enough to smooth a company's transformative process? Can a standalone technology implementation remove a bottleneck in the production process or support troubleshooting a service design flaw? Although digital transform..

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Resolution for Traces Website Error - Error in establishing connection with traces websocket emsigner

Many of us during filing of TDS returns or rectifications on the traces portal have faced the issue as shown in the image. This article will guide you to 100% guaranteed resolution of the issue faced quite frequently. So, following is the list of causes of the error. If these are rectified then this issue will be resolved and the emsigner will be up and running on the traces portal: Windows Firewall is blocking Emsigner. Java Version Required - 8.0.1620.12 Traces website and Ems..

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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and its Importance!

Does my company need a business continuity plan? What's the worst thing that can happen? In the words of Murphy's Law, 'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.' Today we live in a world where our life runs 24*7 and so does our businesses. We all live in a global world where there are trillions of customers base and we all try to run our business on a continuous 24*7*365 reach basis. But is it practically feasible to run our businesses these days without facing disruption..

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Cybersecurity & its increasing demand

"In Order to protect something, another must be sacrificed. ~ Vipul Garg" The way we live and work has undergone a drastic change in modern times. The new normal has prompted us to be increasingly dependent on technology, and we are spending most of our time in cyberspace or the interconnected networks over ecosystems. Anything that is related to the internet or the web of digital technology is known as Cyberspace. However, high reliance on gadgets for remote working, virtual cla..

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Is technology to be feared or loved?

We are in the age of information where anything and everything is just a click away. We are surrounded by the data. Meanwhile, I have to confess that during my CA days I used to get annoyed by ISCA. It was a nightmare for me and like most of you even I used to wonder if this subject was necessary. But as soon as I entered the practice where I had to make all the decisions from selecting the computers to selecting the software and then networking part. I realized the importance of Informatio..

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Concept of Data Mining

You switch to Amazon or Flipkart and suddenly you find "Top picks for you". There's "People you may know" on social networking sites. Suddenly Youtube has list of videos ready for you. Have you wondered why? Let's understand all this through a concept called "Data Mining". What actually is "Data Mining" and How is it related to above? Internet is full of data. This world is a world of information where you can find endless data wi..

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Cloud Computing - The Future

With the advent of technology, a new term has appeared. "Cloud Computing". You must have heard about Cloud Computing Accounting software like Host Books, Real Books or  Zoho Books. These kinds of accounting software are more economical but they require internet connection. Let us understand that what is "Cloud Computing". What if I tell you that you dont have to maintain infrastructure and you can access or operate all your data from anywhere even through your mobiles..

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Role of Information technology in Business Strategy

The design of the Information systems architecture and acquisition of technology are important aspects of an entity business strategy. Choice regarding technology can be critical to achieving entity objectives. Technology decisions should be a input to the strategy process helping to define innovations and seeking to increase revenue rather than merely an after the fact too for achieving goals. A. Common principles of Technology Driven strategy development 1. Technology is a core input to ..

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Why the Indian Government is proposing to ban cryptocurrencies?

If The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021 comes into force, India would be the first major economy to make holding cryptocurrency illegal. The Bill would criminalize possession, issuance, mining, trading and transferring crypto-assets. Holders of cryptocurrencies will have up to six months to liquidate, after which penalties will be levied. There is even a rumored ten-year jail term in the mix. Even China has not been that harsh, allowing for possessio..

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10 Must Have PC Software for Professionals - Part II

In our previous article, we had discussed about 7 useful softwares. In this Article, we will discuss about other eight useful application software for your workplace, either you are in job or in practice. Most of these software are third party applications, few of them are free of cost and some can be installed on trial period basis. So the list is follows: 1. AAA Logo 2021 If you are a young practitioner and looking for logo maker application but you also don’t want to learn coral d..

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7 Must Have PC Software for Professionals - Part I

If you are a Professional and you are either in Job or in Practice, You can't deny the importance of IT (information technology) literacy in your area. Though, you are not expected to be an expert of IT, but you should definitely know the basics. In other words, we professionals should be Tech Savvy. This is the area on which we generally don't focus, but it is as important and useful as your academic and professional knowledge. Now a days, Time is Money and if you are tech savvy, you may sur..

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All about Internet of Things (IoT)

What is Internet of things (IoT) It is a network of physical objects. These things are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. The relationship can be people- people, people-things, and things-things. Examples include, mobiles, coffee maker, web cams, digital doorbells, etc.   How does it work? IoT devices contain sensors and mini-computer processors that act on the data collected b..

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