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How can CA firms go digital?

Due to the current challenging situation the whole world is facing, as a CA who is working somewhere or a CA  who is running his/her own firm, it is particularly important to analyze your firm’s digital quotient and make it tech-savvy...

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Blockchain - The Future of Accounting

Also, in Blockchain one can trace the whole transaction from the start to its end. All the transactions linked together. And if anyone tries to hack or make mischief in any one transaction the whole block of a chain will be affected. ..

Posted in articles |   4 comments |   4209 Views

Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Era & Future of Chartered Accountants

Even if machines can perform all the calculations or initial audit-related tasks, someone would be needed to verify that AI is doing its task correctly and is not faulty. Instead of being a victim of technophobia, let's work in harmony with technology as the amalgamation of both can reap Fruitful results...

Posted in articles |   8 comments |   443 Views

Forensic Accounting and Auditing - An opportunity in today's world

Forensic Accounting and Auditing - An opportunity in today's world..

Posted in articles |   301 Views

Reasons why Linux is better than Windows for small business computers

Windows 10 is becoming very popular nowadays and many of you might have bought a computer/laptop with the latest offering from Microsoft pre-installed. But, thi..

Posted in articles |   166 Views

Business Continuity Plan amidst COVID-19 outbreak

In this crunch time, we should realize now, how vital it is, the implementation of healthy BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN (BCP)  and DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN(DRP)...

Posted in articles |   4 comments |   400 Views

Digital collaboration platform and an online market place

We at TopconnectO recognized early on that the biggest challenge for self-employed professionals is often getting their name in front of their potential customer or client...

Posted in articles |   1799 Views

How to choose the right financial reporting software

With the rapid digitisation of our world, the role of CFO has drastically evolved over the last few years. Most CFOs today have significant impact on boardroom ..

Posted in articles |   1 comments |   919 Views

How to check if and which PAN is associated with DSC?

DSC � Digital Signature Certificate, as the name implies, is used to sign electronic documents digitally and DSC comes in different types or classes broad..

Posted in articles |   4 comments |   10358 Views

Is your Financial Reporting process sluggish? 3 tips to overcome it

Financial reporting is a key task for all businesses. While most businesses know that their financial reporting is getting sluggish, they may be unable..

Posted in articles |   1298 Views

The Mission to Make the CFO's life Easier

In today�s business context, life of a CFO is that of the radar as well as the captain of a moving ship. Today�s CFO is expected to contribute well..

Posted in articles |   2 comments |   1521 Views

Why you should automate your statutory financial reporting?

Statutory reporting consumes a significant amount of time, effort and cost. The statutory reporting function is constantly evolving as organizations look to fur..

Posted in articles |   944 Views

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