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Eway Bill

E-way Bill under GST | E-way Bill generation Process and Rules

Introduction E-waybill under GST is a document containing details or/and instructions relating to the shipment of a consignment of goods. The details include name of consignor, consignee, the point of origin of the consignment, its destination and distance to be travelled. Electronic Way Bill is a compliance wherein by way of a digital interface, the person causing the movement of goods uploads the relevant information prior to the commencemen..

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What is E way bill under GST?

Information to be furnished prior to commencement of movement of goods and generation of e-way bill [Rule 138]: 1. Applicability: Every Registered Person who Causes Movement of Goods of Consignment Value Exceeding Fifty Thousand Rupees: i. In relation to a Supply or ii. For reasons other than Supply or iii. Due to inward Supply from a Un-Registered Person, Shall before such commencement of such movement, furnish information relating to t..

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Changes in Validity Period of E-way Bill during COVID-19

What is E-WAY Bill? On every movement of goods, a person has to generated e-way bill. It is mandatory to issue e-way bill before transport of goods, if the value of such goods is more than INR 50,000. E-way bill can be generated on E-Way Bill Portal where they will get a unique number on generation of e-way bill. Before the issue of following notifications, validity of e-way bill was usually between 1 day and 2 days. Following are the notifications issued durin..

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What is E-way Bill under GST?

E-way Bill is a document mandated by Section 68 of the GST Act for the movement of goods of value exceeding Rs 50000. E-way bill can be generated on the E-way Bill Portal. ..

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Relief taxpayers for e-way bill and ITC during lockdown

The government has given relaxations to GST taxpayers fee on late filing of GSTR-1 has been waived off. The validity of e-way bills has been extended and the restriction of ITC under rule36(4) will be cumulatively applicable for Feb to August...

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e way bill

We purchase cement from manufacturer to be delivered to third party on different destination. They issued tax invoice in our name and e way bill under transaction type' bill to- ship to. After that we issued tax invoice in the name of our party. Our query is weather after that we should generate e way bill, in transaction type 'bill from- deliver from' or e way bill not required at our e..

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FAQ by NIC on Blocking of EWay Bill Facility

Recently NIC has hosted few FAQ on their website on blocking and unblocking of EWAY Bill...

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No Eway bill w.e.f. 21st June 2019, if GST returns of last 2 months are pending

A new rule 138E was inserted by the Govt vide its notification no 74/2018 dated 13.12.2018, which has salient features as follows:-1. If the GST returns fo..

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EWay bill option for moving Goods without GST number

On the GST Portal, there is an option of E-Way Bill for Citizens. For whom this option is useful?Let us understand which the help of a story.Mr. Hardik is the o..

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Enhancement in the Eway bill portal from 16th Nov

1. Checking of duplicate generation of e-way bills bas..

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Eway bill generation changes from November 2018

Changes in E way Bill Generation SystemProposed to be implemented from 16.11.2018 1. Checking of duplicate generation of e-way bills based on same invoice ..

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FAQ on Eway bill system

What should I do if I don't have 'Transporter Id' but want to enter and generate 'Part-A slip'. This is not possible as per rule 13..

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