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If you should or shouldn't pursue CA?

Today I'm gonna share my thoughts on the above topic as many times I get queries regarding this thing that whether a person should or shouldn't pursue CA or if a person is already pursuing CA then whether or not he/she shall continue pursuing it. Well, the answer lies totally upon you only. How? Let's see. CA is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most sought a..

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Articleship in a small firm - Will it affect chances to get a good job in future?

Chartered Accountancy Course is the cream profession in the Commerce field, very few people dare to pursue this course due to its difficulty and time length. After passing IPCC/Intermediate level we are exposed to Articleship , the most amazing phase in the CA curriculum where we actually implement what we have learnt till now. When it comes to articleship many of us wonder that if we opt for a..

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Why Should One Invest In Your Startup Business?

You might have some knowledge about the T.V shows “Redemption Inc., Shark Tank, or Dragon’s Den”? Well, that is what you need to do to make your investor invest in your startup business. Entrepreneurs and business owners present their ideas to the dragons (investors), who are actual business tycoons. The competitors need to please the dragons with their ideas in order to claim..

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Appearing for an Interview? Here is how you need to prepare!

Every six months, as the Institute announces the results, we see a fresh batch of excited and anxious young Chartered Accountants reach out to social media and seniors wanting to understand how they can ace the interviews that they will appear for at the campus or outside. After all, getting a good job is of prime importance. For many young people, this is the most crucial a..

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What to do during your articleship?

After clearing CA Intermediate Exams or joining CA as direct entry mode, students need to comply with this tenure of 3 years as articleship.   Before starting their articleship, students have multiple questions in their minds. One question that tricks you the most is whether to do articleship in a Mid size firm, Partnership fi..

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Relevance of effective communication skills

The need to understand and be understood is very essential and inevitable in every body’s life. Effective communication ensures an endearing and enduring relationship. Success in life, be it personal, professional or social depends upon the quality of communication that we use in our daily life. Hence acquiring effective communication skills ..

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My journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant

I feel as if it was yesterday when I had decided to hop into the wagon for pursuing one of those professions which very few think of doing. The memory is still afresh when I was in a complete dilemma of what to do in life ahead. The results of 12th was still taking time to sink in, while I had no clue of what to do in life ahead. Then I heard about Chartered Accountancy and what the profession ..

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Finding Success in Your Career - The Real-World Leadership Skills

After having spent thousands of hours reading, understanding and practicing the concepts of accountancy, law and taxes; you finally become a Chartered Accountant. You have waited for this moment ever since you were in school. This is your crowning glory, your proudest accomplishment.   You have finally arrived in life! A glori..

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CCI in an exclusive talk with Ameet Guptaa | CFO- Hexagon Private Limited

“Finance as a function has changed a lot and it continues to evolve with respect to the level of business partnering, business development and strategic decision making beside compliance to the laws, regulation, and accounting. The government is putting a lot of focus on regulations & its compliance with stringent penalties. It will bring a lot of opportunities for the finance profess..

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Role of a Chartered Accountant in Business Transformation

'Transformation' is the fundamental shift in the way we feel, think and act. I am trying to deal with this in relation to business organizations in my article here. Transformation is beyond normal change or a simple alteration - Transformation starts with ideation and ends with a real tangible benefit. Transformational objectives are not very different from organization policymaking and..

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Basics of Tax Planning And Investment For Salaried Individuals

We are in the last quarter of the current financial year i.e. 2019-2020, which will end on 31/03/2020. This is the high time everyone should take a look at their tax planning and investments. In this article, I am sharing some important points and suggestions, especially for salaried individuals, who are in the initial years of their earning career. &nb..

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How CA's can contribute to the growth of their client's business?

The general notion that people hold for a Chartered Accountant is that a Chartered Accountant is a Bookkeeper. Chartered Accountants are viewed just as bookkeepers and not decision makers. Whenever the topic of economic growth comes, people talk about businessmen and not Chartered Accountants. But the perspective needs to change. A Chartered accountant is a major pillar in building the economy...

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ICAI Convocation dates for the year 2020

ICAI Convocation 2020 is to be held as per following schedule in which members newly enrolled during the period&nbsp;May 2019 to October 2019&nbsp;will be awarded Certificate of Membership amidst august gathering of CA fraternity. &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Sr. No.</t..

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Can you imagine opting for a different career option when your career as a Chartered Accountant is at its peak?

Meet Abhinav Goel a qualified Chartered Accountant who cleared his CA in first attempt, worked in one of the big 4 firms and Google, held the position of Vice President in Finance at American Express and eventually gave his safe, secure and high paying job to follow his passion. He is now running his own organization which focuses on enabling students to build their leadership skills. <p..

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Future Scopes for Chartered Accountancy in India as well as Abroad

Chartered Accountancy prevailed for years in the country but the profession gained popularity with the dawn of industrialization and modernization in India. Businesses started requiring skilful minds not only to manage their company&#39;s financial architecture but to come up with realistic ideas for their business development in the country. &nbsp;</di..

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