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The Agnipath Scheme

The Union Cabinet Committee on Security, approved the new recruitment scheme which will provide an opportunity to youth of the age of 17.5 years to 21 years old to serve in the regular cadre of the Armed Forces for a period of four years with a provision to retain 25% of them in the regular cadre for 15 more years after another round of screening, enhance the operational preparedness of the armed forces and create a skilled and dynamic work force for employment in other sectors. This new recruit..

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Why only completed journeys are appreciated?

CASE 1 I came across a Youtube video today about a girl's journey of completing her CA degree in 9 years.  She either flunked by 5 or 6 marks in a subject or could not score the aggregate marks required. She did'nt let herself down and tried with much more effort every time. Finally, her efforts and patience paid off and she qualified. Her journey was motivational and gathered a lot of appreciation. Sounds inspirational? Definitely.   CASE 2 I met a senior wh..

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Career Choices After CA

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is a professional accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial appraisal practice for an organization. Auditors are recognized as the foundation of all companies, whether large or small. The duties and activities of auditors include financial planning, accounting, taxation and auditing. As an auditor, you face challenges and rewards. Auditors have a bright future ahead of them. The Chartered Accountant (CA) appointment is an institution in itself. Not only are y..

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Bright Opportunities In 2022 For CS In India

Some concerned people become company secretaries in their careers and have the right to seek information about them. In a good way, the company secretary should have the ability to communicate with people from various other departments in the organization to ensure that company practices are only legal and financially pleasing at the same time. The main purpose of the corporate secretary is to ensure that the organization complies with all legal requirements by performing the duties often ass..

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What are the Key Skills a Fresher CA should list in their Resume?

It is rightly said "Opportunities don't happen, you create them" But it is also believed that a wise man who benefits from an opportunity is a true Opportunist. 'Chartered Accountancy' - the prefix in itself is a sign of honour. But when it comes to the corporate world, the designation and people owning it tend to exponentially increase. Why would any employer choose you as a CA above all other CAs? They won't unless you prove that you stand on a pedestal higher than..

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Top Skills that CAs must Develop to be Relevant in the Coming Years

There aren't just a limited number of skills one needs to learn to be a good accountant. Of course, there are analytical skills as accounting necessitates a precise, detail-oriented eye. Then there are coordination, critical thinking, interpersonal interaction, versatility, time management, industry knowledge, experience, spreadsheet proficiency, etc. However, one cannot rule out the importance of soft skills in this age. Some of the most vital skills one should attempt to learn and devel..

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Career Opportunities For New Qualified Chartered Accountants

Post qualifications, new Qualified Chartered Accountants usually have a dilemma either to enter practice or Join the industry. Apart from the above there are other opportunities for a qualified Chartered Accountant. 1. Forensic Auditor or Accountant Forensic Accounting and Auditing is a new stream of career which is gaining a lot of popularity in India and other countries. A certified professional can take up positions in auditing firms like the Big 4, industries and also in the Gove..

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What it means to opt for a career in finance for women?

According to the 2017 World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report, "Female talent remains one of the most underutilized business resources." It is especially evident in the finance sector. The constitution of women in the financial industry is very small. That also impacts the way female clients use and benefit from financial services. The toughest and the most common challenge that women face while opting for a job in finance is how male dominant this industry is. The Bhara..

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Which is better? MBA Finance or CA?

The basic difference that exists between an MBA and CA is the pedagogy. CA stands for Chartered Accountant whereas MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. A degree in MBA offers an overview of any business and other functions of an organization in a more holistic sense than CA. If you are someone who feels confused about what to choose, an MBA or CA, read this article to get more clarity about the two. Head to Head Comparison between CA and MBA Finance 1.Skills Obtained A ca..

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Global Golden Opportunities for Serving Nation by Serving MSMEs and Startups

Introduction The fact that almost 65% of the country's population comprises of young age particularly under the age of 35 years is the reason that our country has the gain status of young nations in the world. Although it is true that the more the working eligible population, the more the unemployment problems are if are to name one sector that is immensely contributing to resolving such issues, is the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector. Comprising of almost 90% by Micro-enterpris..

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Explore the Golden Opportunities of Practicing before a Tribunal

Abstract There is nothing in this world that didn’t happen for a reason even our own existence in this very society. They say life is all about finding reason but we believe once you find the reason your life starts truly.  Traditionally we tend to have one goal of becoming successful but certainly, there is much to do even after you achieve the desire success. As success is not just putting yourself in a position that you dream for years to be in but inspiring others and assisting..

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Constitution of India: CS Executive JIJL

The Constitution of India is the greatest law of our country. It provides a framework that distinguishes state institutions’ basic policy codes, structures, duties, procedures, and powers. It also regulates the principles, obligations, and rights of citizens. The country’s Constitution establishes the laws and principles for the country and its states. It also provides a framework for governments to define their responsibilities and powers explicitly. The Constitution is the ba..

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Career Opportunity for Young CS's by ICSI

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG COMPANY SECRETARIES In continuation to the earlier advertisement and in accordance with the understanding between the ICSI and Ministry of Corporate Affairs for deployment of Resources on contract by ICSI at the “Central Registration Centre” for processing of Company “Name Availability” (RUN) and “Incorporation” (SPICE) forms, the ICSI invites applications for the post of :- CRC EXECUTIVES (ON CONTRACTUAL BASIS) (Candidate..

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Be your own best friend

First of all many many congratulations to my friends who cleared CA Final and became CA and to my friends who couldn't I will just say, "Dont loose your heart, get up and fight again". Life is never easy. It wont be even after you become CA. Things will get complicated in career choices, personal lives; You may decide to start your practice with no family backup. Initially it will be struggle. You might end up cursing yourself when you will see your peers getting handsome salari..

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How to Clear CS in First Attempt?

Company Secretary (CS) is one of the most sought after and best-paid professions in the 21st century. CS plays an important role in terms of corporate governance and dealing with legal issues within an organization. Given the prestige, responsibility, and power that a professional position holds, it’s no surprise that the majority of candidates are young for this job! Moreover, with the growing importance of private sector involvement, particularly in the Indian economy, the demand for com..

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Unveiling the Career in Forensic Accounting and Auditing

Forensic Accounting is an area of accounting that investigates frauds or financial manipulation in financial information. This enables lawyers and accountants in criminal proceedings of the fraud. Forensic Accounting requires the skills of accounting, auditing and investigation. In India the Forensic Accounting dates back to the Kautilya's Arthashastra where he mentions 40 types of fraudulent or manipulative accounting.   Forensic Auditing cover the areas of Asset Misa..

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Why Choose Company Secretary After 12th?

Careers are often seen as opportunities to study among social members, find a good job, or pursue a career that offers attractive job benefits. However, this is a broader concept. Many readers will agree that a symbolic journey through life, work, education, and other aspects of one's life increases self-awareness in their life. In much of the world, the term career is based entirely on the work element in a person's life; but it must be relevant. A career allows everyone to achiev..

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Sparsh: Life Lessons #2 - Beyond my capacity - Do not tell me!

Well, is there anything on this earth called 'beyond my capacity'? No absolutely no. The moment somebody says 'ah, this is just beyond my capacity' he or she is actually doubting his or her ability to accomplish a task or challenge or goal. This thing 'beyond the capacity' doesn't even exist! Had it been in existence, we couldn't have seen so many great innovations, inventions and researches which have made our lives smarter, cooler and easier.   Ima..

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How to achieve your goals 10X Faster

My warm greetings to all the readers out there. I would request everyone to go through this write up and analyze your behavior honestly. I hope this article might provide you a different perspective to look at the things happening in your life. Ask Yourself If you are actually Learning? A general suggestion, which has been given since ages that if you want to grow, then start learning something every day. Certainly, we have heard it n no of times. Now, coming to the issues which might not ..

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Responsibilities and Duties of Company Secretary

The Company Secretary (CS) is an important part of the management and administration of the Company. Being a legal representative of a company, CS carries out and manages various regulatory functions, such as company incorporation, preparation and audit of adequate business reports; filing annual returns; dealing with amended laws regularly, etc. CS is also active as a management consultant on the Company’s board of directors and guides them in corporate governance, strategic management; p..

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