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How a CA Loan can power your practice: Top features and benefits

Despite Moody's Investors Service projecting a GDP contraction of 10.6% for the Indian economy in 2020-21, the demand for chartered accountants is on the rise, as much as 37,as per the ICAI. Regardless of any current working capital deficits or drop in real income, as a self-employed chartered accountant, you can look forward to growth in times to come. To pull through any cash crunch, you can simply opt fora professional loan for chartered accountants, which is a business loancustomised for..

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A Second-Split Decision of Quitting CA That Changed My Life Forever

I had failed in CA Finals for the 4th time. Every time I appeared in India's toughest financial examination, I prayed to God, 'Be with me at least this time, please. I can't disappoint my dad and mom. They have spent restless nights caring for me when I was studying.' But it was the 4th time when both God and ICAI told me, 'Better luck next time.' I was depressed. I had ruined the dream of my parents who wanted to see me as the first chartered accountants of the ..

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CPA exam in India every month from 2021

With all the disruptions and inconveniences COVID-19 has caused all over the globe in each field, it has been even more difficult for people to deal with situations. One of the most important situations that need to be dealt with is ‘Exams’. Exams all over are either being discontinued or postponed. However, even during these unpredictable times, the NASBA, AICPA, and Prometric just made an amazing announcement for all those hard-working CPA aspirants. The announcement is stated as f..

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What Nobody told you about Investment Banking & Private Equity - Exploring the career option for CA, CS and CMAs

CAclubindia in an exclusive conversation with CA CS Anuj Khandelwal who shares with us his journey of getting into the investment banking and private equity sector and how this career option can prove to be a turning point for CA, CS, and CMA professionals and students. Anuj has over 10 years of progressive experience in Private Equity, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, and Auditing, working out of cities and countries across the globe. He is currently working with Affirma Capital which ..

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What is the Bajaj Finserv Loan for CAs and how it can help you

Recent data from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)pertaining to its campus placement programme, reveals the demand for CAs has surged by 37%. This encouraging statistic despite the ongoing pandemic points to the reality that the general gamut of services offered by CAs are necessities in the business world. Nevertheless, if you want your CA business to thrive, it is imperative that you take strides towards remaining relevant. For instance, with the ongoing technological d..

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Rated as the longest surviving Richter’s (Cancer- CLL/SLL) patient in the world - Meet CA Arun Gupta

A Cancer Fighter, A GST Practitioner, and A Social Worker Dedication, Determination, and Discipline - Meet Mr. Arun Gupta, a CA, CMA, and ACCA who is an embodiment of these three words. Arun was working as a CFO when life made different plans for him. He got diagnosed with Leukemia, which is a rare type of blood cancer. It is a slow-growing cancer, but one that is uncurable. Soon after, he lost his job to cancer and had to choose between exhausting all his savings on his treatment or leavi..

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How to use the Bajaj Finserv Loan for CAs to boost your firms revenue

With the pandemic opening doors to technological disruptions in the world of chartered accountancy, now is the time to act, whether you're a one-man practice or have a substantial staff. The Bajaj Finserv Business Loan for Chartered Accountants can assist you on your journey towards growth. Customised for CAs, this loan offers a suite of features, including easy eligibility terms, collateral-free finance, and 24-hour funding, which you canuse to make your business resilient and boost your pro..

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Income Prospects in GCC for Companies and Employees

Gulf countries are seen as bread and butter for many, especially for blue-collar employees. As you already know that Oil & Gas is the biggest source of income for Gulf countries however due to sluggish oil prices, their income has gone down drastically hence these countries are finding alternative means to earn income. On one side, they are promoting tourists and sports and on the other side, they are attracting investments from people across the world by offering many freebies and rent..

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Chartered Accountant as a Career Option: FAQs

Q: What is the meaning of ‘Chartered’? (Of a city, company, university, or other body) founded or having its rights and privileges established by means of a charter. Charter means you rent or lease a particular service or object. Charter comes from the Latin 'charta', meaning "paper, card, or map." As a noun, charter refers to a written document outlining, or mapping, the rights and obligations of a company or organization, or in older days, a town or an ent..

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All about US CPA Program

Many accounting students are rather confused regarding the future course of action to be taken to improve their career prospects. US CPA is one such course which can help many to achieve their goals in much less time than expected. Moreover, its global acceptance makes it even more attractive to aspiring accounting students. To start with, it is an eight to twelve-month course with only four papers introducing the applicants to US GAAP and IFRS (FAR), US GAAS (AUD), US Taxation (REG) and Busines..

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Love and Career go together for CA Sakshi Gupta

When asked about our life goals, most of us say, "I wish to become successful in life.” But not all of us are able to meet our goals. You will see people around you who are in the same profession as you are, working for the same number of hours as you do but your end results might differ. To find success in life it is important to work hard and make constant efforts. But what is more important is to keep making efforts in the right direction. If you follow your heart and do what you l..

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NSA Ajit Doval on Decision Making

During this time of Pandemic and Economic Crisis, we are in a position where we need to take important decisions. Many times people fail to make tough decisions or make wrong decisions. For our rescue, we have our National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, On 27th March 2019, National Security Advisor (NSA) of India Ajit Doval gave an interview on Lok Sabha TV, Talking Time Show. Ajit Doval discussed on decision making.   Everyone in their life has their own objectives and goals. On thi..

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