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Compliance Calendar for July to September 2020

Compliance Calender + Return Wise Due Dates...

Posted on 04 July 2020  (Downloads: 69) GST

pdf File
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Business Opportunities in Delhi (India)

Business Opportunities in Delhi (India)...

Posted on 02 July 2020  (Downloads: 69) GST

pdf File
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Refund under GST

Sample chapter from my book - Indirect Tax - Summary and Question Manual for Nov 2020 attempt For order, you can contact on +91-9664891716 or +91-9907720055...

Posted on 02 July 2020  (Downloads: 130) GST

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Journey of GST-How law evolved in 3 years

Wish you all a very happy GST day, Stay safe, stay well. ...

Posted on 02 July 2020  (Downloads: 56) GST

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Bulk Mail form 16 to Respective Employees/Deductees

With this Utility, one can send personalized mails to all Employees/deductees with their respective Form 16/16A. User has to give the link to the folder in which the Form 16/16A are stored, and enter the details of the employees to whom the mail has to...

Posted on 02 July 2020  (Downloads: 55) Income Tax

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Synopses of recent Notifications issued by CBIC

Notification 51 to Notification 56...

Posted on 02 July 2020  (Downloads: 32) GST

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MSME Definition

MSME Definition explanation chart-wise including old & New. ...

Posted on 02 July 2020  (Downloads: 66) Others

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Newsletter on Daily Professional Updates- 30/06/2020

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” Here is your Daily dose of professional updates 30.06.2020 ...

Posted on 02 July 2020  (Downloads: 34) GST

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List of Exempted Incomes (Tax-Free) Under Section-10

List of Exempted Incomes (Tax-Free) Under Section-10...

Posted on 30 June 2020  (Downloads: 533) Income Tax

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Economic Law Short Note for CA/CMA Final


Posted on 29 June 2020  (Downloads: 100) Students

xlsx File
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GST Sales Register

GST sales register...

Posted on 29 June 2020  (Downloads: 469) GST

GST Live Class

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