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FM writes to state to reduce burden of VAT on petroleum products

Finance Minister Sh Arun Jaitley writes to State Chief Ministers to reduce burden of Value Added Tax on Petroleum Products used for manufacturing The Union Minister of Finance Defence and Corporate Affairs Shri Arun Jaitley has written to State Chief Ministers urging the States to reduce burden of V

Post GST reduction of incidence of Tax on Coal Consumers

In pre GST regime there was Excise Duty on Coal 6 Stowing Excise Duty Rs 10 per tonne of coal production VAT 5 on intra state sale Central Sales Tax 2 on inter state sale on submission of Form C Post implementation of GST all the above mentioned taxes and levies have been subsumed and GST 5 is being

GST Offline Tool to collate and upload the invoices

Returns Offline Tool Version V1 0 Download extract and run the GST Offline Tool to collate and upload the invoices and other data in offline mode Downloadgst offline tool zip will contain following four files Sample files Offline Tool User Manual Readme GST Offline Tool 1 Read the file Readme txt be

Carry Forward of unavailed Cenvat Credit for natural resources

Carry Forward of unavailed Cenvat Credit in respect of assignment of right to use any natural resource under GST Cenvat Credit Rules amended so as to provide that Cenvat credit in respect of such services which remains unavailed on the day immediately preceding the appointed day may be availed of in

Ministries to setup and activate a GST Facilitation Cell

Cabinet Secretary asks the different Ministries Departments and Public Sector Undertakings PSUs under these Ministries to set up and activate a GST Facilitation Cell to provide all possible support to the business and industry sector for the smooth roll out of GST with effect from 1st July 2017 The

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Vat deposit & advance tax (10000+25000) rs in trans 1 ??????

I have filed and submitted TRANS 1 by process of TRANS 1 Credit Carried Forward State UT Tax Balance of ITC of VAT and Entry Tax in last return That now showed a 25000 rs balance in Electronic Credit Ledger But How about another 10000 rs SECURITY DEPOSIT WHAT SHOULD I DO FOR THAT GSTR 1 of July is a

Private placement

dear sir advice me on how to proceed where my co has made a private placement during last FY and made an allotment of securities upto 50 of the subscriptions received and the 50 is still due for allotment Is it require to refund along with the interest 12 suggest me the possible ways as soon as poss

Rajasthan vat quarterly return

While uploading the return error message appears Please make sure that you have uploaded correct template of the Excel Sheet for Returns However latest template version dated 05 september 2017 is being used Please suggest

Vat return query

while submittting VAT return for period 01 10 2015 to 31 03 2016 turnover rs 15 00 000 which is taxable at 5 remained to be included in taxable turnover of 5 Now case is under assessment proceedings What is now remedy

Gst tax cenvat input validity

What is time for cenvat input under GST Please provide the details with notification


error in downloading

sir while i try to download file from gstr2 a it shows error forbidden why i am seeing this however i am abke to c purchase data

Error 403 in downloading gstr 1 error report

I have uploaded GSTR 1 via offline utility and got an error report While downloading that error report I am getting error 403 What should I do

Tran 1 vat itc carry forward

I have ITC in VAT Return 30 06 2017 but no goods in stocks And I have not sell against any form C F H I Now I show my ITC amount In Table No 5 c column BALANCE OF ITC OF VAT IN LAST RETURN and other column left blank and fill my ITC amount in last column named TRANSITION ITC with same amount which i

Tran 1 vat itc carry forward

I have ITC in VAT Return 30 06 2017 but no goods in stocks And I have not sell against any form C F H I Now I show my ITC amount In Table No 5 c column BALANCE OF ITC OF VAT IN LAST RETURN and other column left blank and fill my ITC amount in last column named TRANSITION ITC with same amount which i

Closure of private limited company

Hello Want to volantarily wind up a 20 year old private limited company family held which has not done any active business for over 10 years now It does not have any debts or any legal dues either However it has certain liquid cashin the bank The question is before its closure is it possible to tran

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  • DVAT ward details for GST registration purpose

    Users can use this file for GST registration in Delhi It covers to all major areas of Delhi with DVAT ward number
  • GSTR 3B and GSTR-1 Excel Templates from Skorydov

    Use the intuitive interface of MS Excel to manage your GST compliance GSTR 3B and GSTR 1 template is being widely used Step 1 Download Excel Template Step 2 Enter Import Sales and Purchases details Step 3 Correct mistakes if any that is prompted by the Excel sheet Step 4 Export to GSTplus com to get your GSTR 3B Step 5 Export to GSTR 1 with the same template More details on https gstplus com excel
  • Delivery Challan

    Delivery Challan for Job work
  • Automatic Invoice Software in Excel (GST compliant)

    Full Fledge Billing Software for Business 1 Complete Billing Software 2 100 GST compliant with format published by GST Council 3 Retail and Tax Bill Bifurcation 4 Automatic applicable IGST CGST and SGST calulation 5 Transfer all bill data to another sheet automatically for analysis 6 Automatic Challan Generation 7 Perfect Print Setup 6 One Click Printing 7 One Click Back up of each invoice in different Folder 8 Back up will be retail bill wise and Tax Bill Wise 9 Completely working based on formula 9 Flexible Formulas 10 Full Customized 11 Client Database with each and every detail 12 No need to input details of party every time 13 only put x in the first column of database and all the details will be transferred to invoice sheet Filters will not work in trial version Pro Version 1 Automatically cloud backup of all invoices 2 Automatic GST rate calculator based on HSN Code will be available as soon as GST rates are published 3 Automatic GST rate calculator based on Name of Goods 4 Monthwise analysis of Party wise sales month wise IGST SGST CGST liability calculation 5 1 week trailing for GST return filing and this software with the fulfillment of the custom requirement of business 6 Automatic transfer of sales invoice data in the form of outward return of GST outward return is to be filled in form GSTR 1 every month 7 Free 1st GST return filing
  • First quarter online return date extension

    First quarter online return date extention for Form DVAT 16 DVAT 17 DVAT 48

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Striking difference between private and public company

Difference between Private Company and Public Company in terms of Compliance under the Companies Act 2013 Many times people ask which form of Company i e private public is better to do business in terms of compliance related aspects under Companies Act 2013 From the day the Companies Act 2013 has be

What would work best for you? LLP or Private Limited Company

Every kind of organisation is paired with advantages and disadvantages which build the ground to select a suitable and compatible organisation structure for business specific requirements On one side start ups end up by choosing to Register Private Limited Company Pvt Ltd as their constitution where

Delivery Challan under GST

Introduction In some cases where the sale of goods or services does not happen immediately or when payment is not received on supply delivery challan is issued by the supplier In this article we look at the procedure for issuing delivery challan and delivery challan format in detail When is Delivery

Stock in hand under GST - Treatment of Cenvat Credit and VAT Credit

Stock in hand under GST Transitional Provisions related to Stock in hand under GST While understanding the transitional provisions under GST a repeated and imminent query which we are faced with is the treatment of CENVAT and VAT Credit in respect of stock held on 30th June 2017 which will be sold p

How to activate your deactivated PAN

Procedure to Reactivate Your PAN 1 Once PAN is de activated by department income tax e filing login of assessee also gets blocked 2 To Activate your PAN again do following a Write an Application to your AO in duplicate for activation of your PAN Following documents need to be attached to application

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