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Offline tool for creation of GSTR 2 now available

Offline Tool V2 1 with option to export data in Excel feature is now available on GST Portal for creation and submission of GSTR 2

GSTN unveils excel template for easy data entry offline

GSTN unveils excel template for to help taxpayers perform easy data entry offline before uploading on the GST portal Excel template together with an offline tool will make uploading large numbers of invoices much easier and quick Offline Tool to be unveiled on July 17 2017 Goods and Services Network

ICAI President's Message - July 2017

My esteemed professional colleagues I wish you a very happy CA Day On 1st July 2017 our Institute will complete 68 years of its glorious journey of excellence Analysing the importance of accountancy profession vis vis economic development an IFAC study has mentioned Accountants play an important pub

Four Weeks ICAI Residential Programme in Hyderabad

Board of Studies is pleased to announce the next batch of ICAI Four Weeks Residential Programme on Professional Skills Development from 31st July 2017 to 27th August 2017 at Centre of Excellence Hyderabad This programme offers an unique opportunity and would focus on development of communication ski

14th National Awards for Excellence in Cost Management

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India a premier Cost and Management Accounting body instituted the National Awards for Excellence in Cost Management in the year 2003 to recognize and honour organizations which have succeeded through efficient and innovative approaches in cost management Partici

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Tds on salary

Can Someone please let me know about the computation of TDS In Case Of Salary income

Tds on salary paid to employee who is deputed foreign

Dear Sir one of our employee is posted outside india for more than 180days but his salary is still crediting in his Indian salary account Pls suggest whether we have do deduct tds from his salary or not he had been also deputed in his previous years

Salary from two companies

1 Whether an Individual who is in full time employment of a Company can be appointed as Director of any other Company 2 Whether he can get salary remuneration from both Company means salary as employee from one Co and Salary remuneration as Director from another Company Plz suggest with all applicab

Taxable salary.

i have bank savings account interest income and also income from salary I left one of the companies and joined another firm how the tax will be calculated

Gstr 3b calculation

How to check liability or the amount to be paid for GSTR 3B My Liability is reflecting as NIL Do I need to pay or just creat a Zero Amount Challan Please help


which head tax calculation

i have doing property buy and sell business this time i have buying property i should be paid on stam duty how can calculation of my income please tell me

Maharashtra employee salary profession tax payment error

1 We areregularly monthly paying employee Salary Profession Tax through Maharashtra GRASS web portal 2 In current month November 2017 the GRASS web portal have been stop and asking pay through MAHAVAT portal 3 Wehave login using PTEC no but it display yearly payment April to Mar 4 After than wehave

Calculation of compounding fee

plz explain the formula of compounding fee on TDS late payment whether 3 of per month charge is calculated on late payment interest or late payment principle

Depreciation calculation!! Need help.

If the depreciation in the previous FY is calculated wrongly while calculating remaining useful life taken years wrongly If it has to be rectified in the current year how can it be rectifed and for the current FY depreciation should be calculated at previous years figures or corrected figures Please

GST on salary if also provide inter state professional service

I am providing inter state professional services and also employee in CA firm and getting salary whether GST levied on salary or not

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  • Salary sheet

    salary of nss
  • 23rd GST council meeting full updates and crux

    small excel file explains about updates on 23rd GST council meeting with the full crux
  • Excel Formula

    Vlook Up HLook Up If formula Pivot
  • TDS Entry of Deduction and Payment Challan for Form 26Q

    This TDS Entry sheet design to file TDS Form 26Q You have to follow the instruction to enter deduction challan data faster Firstly fill the Master sheet of TDS Supplier by clicking command button Master Data Form go to sheet of TDS Report and click on command button of TDS Data Form in which you can manage whole data During the deduction entry maintain Ref No same which payment would be payable in same challan so that payment entry will adjust against same month deduction so no need to reconcile Please enable macros to use the excel utility To enable Excel Macros please follow the below steps File Options Trust Centre Trust Center Settings Macro Settings Select the radio button Enable all macros Click on OK Restart Excel If prompted to enable macros select Yes and then open the utility
  • Form 3CD in Excel

    Form 3CD in Excel

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How to prepare GSTR 3B using Excel Offline Utility?

The Excel based GSTR 3B Offline utility is developed to help taxpayers to prepare 3B return offline without connecting to the internet Taxpayers can prepare their return process by uploading JSON file in GST portal generated from the Offline utility This sheet can be used every month as many times w

How to convert JSON file to Excel Format? - GSTR 2 Filing

Steps to convert JSON file into Excel format Step 1 Login to GST Portal by using the below link https services gst gov in services login Step 2 Go to return dashboard select financial year month and proceed Step 3 In Auto drafted GSTR 2A tab Click on download Generate file A message will be displaye

9 Excel print settings you probably don't know about

Printing is one area in Excel where I find that users dont take full advantage of the options provided by Excel Below I present 9 Excel print tips which I am sure youd like to know to make the task of printing your worksheets seem like a breeze So lets begin without any ado 1 Print Row and Column Ti

How to Insert a Pivot Table in Excel - Pivot Table Basics

This article was first published on the authors blog MadAboutExcel com Click here to visit the blog Pivot Table as you might be knowing is one of the most sophisticated and useful features of MS Excel I believe most Excel users must have used this feature at some point and many use it quite regularl

Making Excel Worksheets Look Professional - A Case Study

Dont you get annoyed when you see an ill formatted excel worksheet Inconsistentfonts and font sizes alignment and other non uniform formatting is not something anyone likes to see in excel sheets Who doesnt like to see worksheets which are properly and consistently formatted Professional looking wor

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