ppf interest taxable


EOI for representation on independent evaluation committee of IBA

Request for Expression of Interest Representation on Independent Evaluation Committee of IBA Reserve Bank of India mandated that in respect of all borrowing arrangement exceeding Rs 250 crores an Independent Evaluation Committee IEC would carry out an evaluation of the Techno Economic Viability TEV

Provident fund to carry interest of 7.8% says Govt

General Provident Fund GPF and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 7 8 w e f 1st October 2017 to 31st December 2017 The Government of India has announced that during the Financial Year 2017 18 accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund GPF and other

Rates of Interest on Small Savings Schemes to remain unchanged

Rates of Interest on the various Small Savings Schemes for the Third Quarter of the Current Financial Year 2017 18 starting from 1st October 2017 to remain unchanged The Government of India has decided that the rates of interest on the various Small Savings Schemes for the Third Quarter of the Finan

Mandating Aadhaar linkage to PAN cards

Permanent Account Number PAN is the key identifier of taxable entity and aggregator of all financial transactions undertaken by one person One PAN for one person is the guiding principle for allotment of PAN However for achieving the objective of one PAN to one assessee it is required to maintain un

Tax rate on fertilizers reduced to 5% from 12% under GST

Decision to reduce Tax Rate on Fertilizers from existing 12 to 5 under GST taken in the interests of the Farmers Under GST regime a uniform MRP of Rs 295 47 per 50 kg bag to be fixed across the country GST regime to deter inter state smuggling of fertilizers by integrating the entire fertilizer mark

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Interest received on unsecured loans

I have received interest of Rs 3 00 000 on unsecured loan paid to a partnership firm and TDS has been deducted by the firm But I have also paid interest of Rs 1 00 000 to my relatives on unsecured loan received from him As such my income from interest will be Rs 2 00 lac only Whether there will be a

If any person received epfo monthly pension, taxable or not

Income recd from EPFO Pension Monthly weather is taxable or not for calculation of Income tax

Taxable salary.

i have bank savings account interest income and also income from salary I left one of the companies and joined another firm how the tax will be calculated

Ppf deposit by huf in members a/c

What are the tax implications of investment in PPF a c of member by HUF in HUF S hand ALSO ESPECIALLY in the hands of the individual member

GST interest

Hi What will be a Interest rates in case if we miss GET return for a month and can we file it for two months simultaneously


housing loan interest on part letout and part self occupied

Please clarify the amount of housing loan interest eligible for deduction in FY 2017 18 Two floor house one floor is let out and one floor is self occupied total interest paid 450000 rent received 60000 on let out floor whether the assessee can claim 200000 under sec 24 50000 under section 80 EE and

Rebate of Interest on housing loan

I availed a housing loan for construction of ground floor in yr 2008 Then availed additional loan for construction of 1st floor in yr 2017 Up to What limit the Interest amount paid on additional loan availed in yr 2017 will be eligible under section 24 Whether it will be RS 30000 or up to overall li

Interest on delayed payment

whether interest paid to GAIL Tamil Nadu electricity board due to delayed payment of bills liable for TDS or not If liable what is the exemption limit TDS rate

tatal taxable value included sale made to unregistered dealer

for example I had made sale of 10000 out of this I may sale of Rs 8000 registered person and Rs 2000 to unregistered dealer my query is that total taxable value to be shown in 3 1 column in portal that is 8000 or 10000

Interest paid to partners

Query for partnership firm The rate of interest paid to partners is 12 in the existing year Can the rate of interest be reduced in next year Or it has to be same cos once 12 is paid The partnership deed is silent on this and states the interest rates may be as per mutual consent Also One partner wit

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  • GST on second hand car

    It is brief note on discussions relating to whether GST to be paid on sale of second hand car by a Business house who is not entitled to claim input credit on it I am of the opinion that since motor vehicle on which input tax credit is not claimable is not considered as capital good for the for purpose of business so its disposal will not be considered as taxable supply of goods as per CGST Acts
  • Interest provisions under GST

    Interest provisions under GST
  • TDS Calculation for Salary

    Aug and Sep TDS working Not deducted TDS amount with interest working sheet i want
  • Rule 42

    Reversal for Input Credit where Sales relate to Taxable sales as well as Exempt Sales
  • TDS - Late Deduction and Late Payment Interest Calculator

    TDS Late Deduction and Late Payment Interest Calculator in Excel Format

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Interest on delayed payment of tax - Section 50 of CGST, 2017

Introduction This article discusses in detail about interest payable on late payment of tax liability under GST Every person who is liable to pay tax under GSTfailsto pay the tax or any part thereof to the Government within the due date then he shall pay on his own interest at 18 or 24 P A on outsta

Non-Controlling Interest - "Initial Measurement" Policy Choice Available?

When an Entity is being acquired by another Entity it has two way to look at it first being 100 acquired where all controlling rights will be with Parent Entity only another could be where the control is less than 100 which arises a situation to have another interested party who has rights in the In

GST Payment Due Dates and Interest on Late Payment

GST Payment Due Date Due date for payment of GST is 20 days from the end of the month For persons registered under composition scheme the due date will be 18 days after the end of the quarter Rules and Regulations regarding GST payment Electronic Cash Ledger The payment made towards tax interest pen

Meaning of supply, time of supply and value of taxable supply

Meaning and Scope of Supply Q 1 What is the taxable event under GST Ans The taxable event under GST shall be the supply of goods or services or both made for consideration in the course or furtherance of business The taxable events under the existing indirect tax laws such as manufacture sale or pro

Interest Rate Under GST Act 2017

Central Board of Excise and Customs has notified fixed Interest to vide Notification No 13 2017 Central Tax date 28 06 2017 The fixed rate of Interests are as under S NO Nature of Levy interest Rate of Interest 1 Delay payment of Tax 18 2 Contravention output tax liability of the recipient in his re

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