Announcement for ICAI Campus aspirants

Completion of GMCS is mandatory for taking part in ICAI Campus Placement Programme meant for Newly Qualified CAs Accordingly to cater to the needs of the Students appearing for the Final Examination in May2017 but are yet to complete GMCS Course adequate arrangement has been made by the Board of Stu

Revision of fee for GMCS course

You may be aware that the present fee of Rs 5500 for General Management and Communication Skills Course was fixed way back in 2013 and has not undergone any revision during the last four years Considering the above the Council has decided to revise the fee for the course on General Management and Co

Requirement to Complete Orientation Course in Lieu of GMCS

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India at its 361st Meeting held in December 2016 has decided that the students registered for Practical Training Articleship on or after 1st May 2012 uptill 31st December 2014 but not completed the GMCS I course shall be required to undergo Or

GMCS course discontinued and merged with Orientation programme

The Council has decided to dispense with the General Management and Communication Skills GMCS I Course and merge its syllabus with Orientation Programme Hence forthwith it will be known as Orientation Course Accordingly it has been decided to conduct an Orientation Course with a duration of 15 days

Extension of date to complete GMCS-I Course by the students registered for articleship training on or after 1st May, 2012

It has been decided to grant extension to students who were registered for practical training on or after 1st May 2012 and completed one year of their practical training but not completed the GMCS I course are required to complete GMCS I Course latest by 31st December 2016 The above students are adv

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Gmcs course

I have completed my CA final exams now Now i came to know that i have to complete GMCS course for applying for membership I have completed my articleship training on 31 12 2010 Please clarify me whether i have to complete GMCS course If yes which one should i register for GMCS 1 or GMCS 2 or both Or

gmcs 2

i have not completed my articleship yet but i have cleared my both CA final groups in first attempt Can i complete my gmcs 2 traing even though my articleship period is not over

Regarding gmcs

I have done my 1st GMCS earlier and since I have completed CA I have to do 2nd GMCS my question is whether name of GMCS have been changed to MCS

Registering for gmcs 2 and advanced itt

dear sir i completed articles in march 2017 and cleared ca final in may 17 and completed GMCS 1 IN march 2015 now for me gmcs 2 and advanced itt are pending can i register for Advanced ICITSS MCS course for GMCS 2 and AICITSS advanced information technology for Advanced ITT


Where is gmcs required after passing in may 17 attempt


Gmcs requirement

Hello Members I was a student of PCC who converted in IPCC and passed the exam in May17 Student who were migrated in IPC course were exempted from Orientation Programme I want to confirm should I had to go through GMCS I which is now merged in Orientation I did not do Orientation as I was exempted f

Queries regarding gmcs 1 and advance itt

I have two queries First i have completed ITtraining 100hrs before clearing ipcc group 1 so do i have to do advance ITtraining also Second i have completed Orientation Training 35 hrs so do i have to do gmcs 1 training also P s i have both certificates of completing training

Advanced itt and gmcs

Hello everyone I have a problem I will get my advanced itt completed on 12th august I want to join gmcs batch starting on 11th august Can I do so or not Plz guide me


Whether is it necessary to complete GMCS 2 after passing CA Final exam to apply for campus Placement of ICAI


After passing ca final where does gmcs certificate required

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Key to room or bonding - my experience at GMCS COE Hyderabad

It was 24th July 2015 when we reached Hyderabad for the 4 weeks residential program on Professional Skills Development 62 people from 21 states from different domains all under one campus for 27 days isnt that amazing Indeed it was Even after 2 months each student from our batch considers it to be t

Utilise your GMCS effectively

Dear Friends I cleared my CA final in revaluation October 2012 and completed GMCS training December 2012 few days back I enjoyed the training a lot it was a nice experience to learn with fun Few tips for students who are willing to join GMCS 1 Try to make new friends Yes friends its show time Make a

GMCS so far

Introduction Hello friends my name is XYZ and Ive given this November attempt like you all The most common line or the introductory line for every student sitting in that session with me for introduction Hi CCI members my name is DHIRAJ Ive joined GMCS batch and it still has to go for another 10 day

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