compulsory convertible preference shares


Quoting of Aadhar not compulsory in IT return for resident of Assam,J&K and Meghalaya

Central Government notifies Exemption from Quoting Aadhaar Enrolment ID to certain individual The Central Government vide notification dated 11thMay 2017 has notified that the requirement of quoting ofAadhaar Enrolment ID shall not apply to the following individuals if they do not possess theAadhaar

CBDT invites suggestion on draft rules on valuation of unquoted shares

CBDT seeks the stakeholders comments suggestions on the Draft Rules relating to valuation of unquoted equity share for the purposes of Section 56 and Section 50CA of the Income tax Act 1961 The Finance Act 2017 inserted clause x in sub section 2 of Section 56 of the Income tax Act 1961 the Act so as

PAN/TAN will be compulsory for all fresh incorporation applications in SPICe

As part of the Ministrys efforts towards providing greater Ease of Doing Business to stakeholders Form SPICe INC 32 will be revisedw e f 21 January 2017so as to include the functionality of applying for Company PAN and first TAN allotted by Income Tax Deptt in the Incorporation form itself Applying

Compulsory Switchover of all Old syllabus CS Professional Programme students to new syllabus

ATTENTION PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMME OLD SYLLABUS STUDENTS COMPULSORY SWITCHOVER OF ALL PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMME OLD SYLLABUS STUDENTS It is informed that June 2016 Session was the last examination for Professional Programme under Old Syllabus From December 2016 Session onwards all students under Professi

Declaration of Assets & Liabilities in the new ITR forms

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT have released new income tax return formswith mandatory provisions of declaring Assets Liabilities AL such as cars jewellery yacht aircrafts shares properties etc Prior to Assessment Year A Y 2015 16 the Asset Liability Schedule AL schedule was applicable to filers

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Issue of duplicate shares

Kindly tell me the number of days within which Company required to issue Duplicate Share Certificate From the Date of Request

Redemption of preference share

can we use security premium reserve for creation of CRR in case redemption of preference share

IGST to Export is compulsory how to avoid under bond

IGST is compulsary how to avoid under bond please explain in detail

Compulsory acquisition by government non agriculture land

I Recive 80lac Land Acquisition Diverted Land By Central Government Project 45lac Tubewell Compensation Which Are In Land When I Buy This Land In 2001 2002 08lac Land Acquisition Agriculture By By Central Government Project 01lac interest recive Land Acquisition Amount 134lac I Buy This Land On 2001

Tax audit compulsory or not

My Turnover is below 1 Crore and my profit is also less than 8 m i liable for tax audit as per my knowledge it was mandatory till FY 15 16 Request you to assist


Stamp duty on sale/purchase of shares in haryana and stt

Friends COuld anyone help on the 2 queries here This is regarding stamp duty in the state of Haryana on sale of shares I am enclosing the govt notification in this regard 1 There is a recent change in legislation whereby maximum duty is Rs 1000 either per day or per crore Now not sure which one is r

Buying equity shares (physical format) of listed company

WE BUY SHARES at DISCOUNTED PRICE in physical format of any listed Company even those of DECEASED PERSONS been tendered to us by RELATIVES HEIR NOMINEE conatc us dahaless gmail com phone 9561397999

Buying equity shares (physical format) of listed company

We BUY at discounted price Equity shares in Physical foramt of any listed comapnies Qty No bar PAYMENT IMMEDAITE after getting all RELEVANT PAPERS SH4 bank verification affadavit adddress and PAN card UID proof and SHARE CERTIFICATES contact dahaless gmail com 9561397999

Tax on selling of shares

If i sell shares what will be tax implication if some share is sold at loss and some shares at profit then whether the loss can be adjusted against profit what will be procedure for that

procedure of allotment of shares

procedure for allotment of shares in a public company ltd by shares

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Procedure of right issue of shares

Meaning of Right Share of Issue Right Issue means offering shares to existing members in proportion to their existing shareholding through letter of offer A rights issue is directly offered to all existing shareholders of the Company in proportion to their current holding The company also set a time

Fair market value of unquoted shares

Current financial Act 2017 has insert a new section of 50CA of Income Tax Act for the determined fair market value of unquoted share the FMV shall be deemed to be the full value of the consideration for the purposes of computing income under the head Capital gains This new section stipulates that wh

Convertible Bonds Calculations - Equity & Liability portion - Ind AS/ IFRS

Many of our readers requested to share actual calculation and the process to bifurcate any convertible bonds between Equity Liability and its related Journal Entry Let s refer some relevant guidance reference related to these kind of convertible bonds and its related calculation as mentioned in acco

Option to buy Shares given - Vodafone Idea Merger

Recent news on approving merger of Vodafone Idea at their board level has given many questions related to its accounting under the new framework i e Ind AS Many of our readers have sent their queries to know about the below situation and to know its treatment under Ind AS The below approach has been

Restriction on Transfer of shares in Private Companies

A private company is defined as a company which by its articles Restricts transfer of its shares in prescribed manner Prohibits invitation to public to subscribe for its shares Limits its members to 50 now 200 and Prohibits acceptance of deposits from public other than members Therefore a private co

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