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Demonetization was immensely beneficial to Indian Economy says Govt

Finance Ministry Demonetization immensely beneficial to Indian Economy and People The Government of India decided to cancel the Legal Tender Status of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 denomination currency notes on 8thNovember 2016 with several objectives i flushing out black money ii eliminate Fake Indian Curren

Rs 15.28 lac crore banned notes received back : RBI

Status of the Return of SBNs Reserve Bank of India RBI Annual Report 2016 17 The RBI Annual Accounts for 2016 17 at note XI 6 2Liabilities of Issue Department Notes Issuedin para ii mentions Until June 30 2017 SBNs were received by the Reserve Bank either directly or from bank branches post offices

Accounting treatment for property, plant and equipment

Indian Accounting Standard Ind AS 16 Property Plant and Equipment prescribe the accounting treatment for property plant and equipment so that users of the financial statements can discern information about an entitys investment in its property plant and equipment and the changes in such investment T

Issues arising from implementation of MAT on IAS compliant companies

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes Issues arising from the implementation of Minimum Alternate Tax MAT provisions relating to Indian Accounting Standards Ind AS compliant companies Finance Act 2017 amended the provisions of section 115JB of th

Allowing students to shift from one Elective Paper to another Elective Paper

Under the Revised Scheme of Education and Training Electives have been introduced at the Final level in the following areas Global Financial Reporting Standards International Taxation Financial Services Capital Markets Risk Management Economic Laws Multidisciplinary Case Study Students are required

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Accounting entries for deemed credit for both seller & buyer

What would be the accounting entries for claiming deemed credit of excise duty involved in stock as on 01 july and how the credit should be passed on to consumer on sale of goods in invoice and also in books Further how to enter purchase if the corresponding buyer is also a trader

Operation management notes or book (syllabus 2016)

Hi All Can someone help me with the notes or book video classes of Operation Management syllabus 2016 I tried to buy the books from the coaching institutes but all books are without solution very urgent Thanks in advance CMA inter My email id is vsobhitchauhan gmail com Regards Sobhit chauhan

Accounting of import purchases

Sir madam One of our client is in leather manufacturing business He is importing some materials from other countries Here how to book the amounts of BCD CVD EC Additional Duty Whether these all are to be included in the purchase value or should be booked separately In VAT return which amount should

Gst on credit notes

Can we liable d tax under Rcm when we received the credit notes without gst

Gst on credit notes

When we received d credit notes without gst Then what we will do


accounting in gst

how to do accounting for purchase and sales for a client who opt for composition scheme and doing kirana business


i want that notes of pankaj garg sir for quick revision of 13 pages if anyone have tell me

Accounting treatment for project cancelled before completion

What will be the accouting treatment If project cancelled by customer before completion and compensation received on account of settlement is higher then amount actually spent for execution Thanks in Advance

Accounting entries in gst for RCM Method

Please how to entry for RCM Method in gst

i need auditing notes

i want to study auditing with understandable notes

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Some important notes before finalising TRAN-1 even if already filed

Some useful points before finalizing TRAN 1 practical point of view 1 Rule 117 1 Provided further that where the inputs have been received from anExport Oriented Unitor aunit located in Electronic Hardware Technology Park the credit shall be allowed to the extent as provided in sub rule 7 of rule 3

Reverse Charge Mechanism and Accounting Entries for RCM in GST

What is Reverse Charge Mechanism RCM Normally the supplier of goods or services pays the tax on supply In the case of Reverse Charge the receiver becomes liable to pay the tax i e the chargeability gets reversed Registration All persons procuring gods services notified above on which GST is payable

Accounting Entries in GST

Accounting Entries in GST Case I Local Intra state Purchase 18 Rs 1 00 000 Purchase A c Dr 1 00 000 Input CGST A c Dr 9 000 Input SGST A c Dr 9 000 To Creditors Bank A c 1 18 000 Sale 18 Rs 1 50 000 Debtors Bank A c Dr 1 77 000 To Sales A c 1 50 000 To Output CGST A c 13 500 To Output SGST A c 13 50

Practical Aspects of Oppression and Mismanagement

What is oppression The term oppression relates to the affairs of the company have been or being conducted in a manner which is prejudicial to the interest of any member or to the public or members of the company or to the company itself Common factors for Oppression and Mismanagement There may be nu

How to apply accounting concept to our real life?

1 Substance over form If someone is doing something dont focus on what form he is doing always focus on WHY substance is he doing Suppose if the teacher is scolding you in front of all students dont blame teacher analyze why is he scolding me what will he get by scolding me he is trying to change me

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