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GST Annual Return filed by around 90% taxpayers says GSTN

Posted on 14 February 2020

Facts related to filing of Annual Return (GSTR-9 & 9C) for the year 2017-18 (Status as on 12. Feb 2020) 

Category No. of Taxpayers  %age
Taxpayers who are mandated to file GSTR-9 12.42 lakhs --
Out of 12.42 lakhs, taxpayers who have filed GSTR-3B & GSTR 1 9.98 lakhs 80.3%
Out of 9.98 Iakhs, taxpayers who filed GSTR-9 9.11 lakhs 91.3%
Out of 9.11 Iakhs, taxpayers who filed GSTR-9C 8.42 lakhs 92.3% 

Important to note:

1. Those regular taxpayers who have aggregate turnover of more than Rs. 2 crore are mandated to file GSTR 9. For the rest, filing of GSTR-9 is optional.

2. For filing of GSTR-9, filing of all due GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B is compulsory.

3. Those who have not filed GSTR-9, will not be able to file GSTR-9C.

4. Apart from above, 32.92 laids taxpayers who are not mandated to file GSTR 9, have filed it.

5. Similarly, apart from above, 1.04 lakhs taxpayers who are not mandated to file GSTR 9C have filed the same. 

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