Revising GST Invoice Before Filing Returns

Ravi Putcha (0 Points)

15 March 2022  

I raised an invoice for my services to a buyer (both of us are GST registered businesses). Buyer deducts 8% of the total payable amount without any explanation or payment advice what so ever. They just deduct the amount and pay the balance 92%, irrespective of the invoice value, irrespective of the total value of all invoices in the financial year - however low or high. They never respond to queries and give clarifications.

I am yet to file returns for a couple of invoices which they underpaid by 8%. Kindly let me know what remedy I have. Can I revise the invoice? do I need to send them the revised invoice (adjusting the total unpaid amount by adjusting the invoice value downwards?). Kindly help me - I am incurring losses because of this customer.