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I take this opportunity to introduce myself very briefly. I am from the temple city of Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu, India and with 25 Years of experience in the Field of Accounts & Finance. In my 25 years tenure, I was working abroad for more than 12 years (in West Indies, Caribbean Islands) and returned to India in 2004.

 During my tenure Abroad, I had the opportunity to learn and use various Accounting Packages. To name some of the reputed ones, QuickBooks (www.quickbooks.com), Peach Tree, Great Plains, Real World and few others. I not only used these packages, but also did some R&D and was able to recommend the right product to the right people. Back home in India, I learnt Tally and continued my R&D on the Accounting Packages.  Out of all the accounting software, I can claim that the QUICKBOOKS is very much user friendly Accounting Tool and does not require prior accounting knowledge to use and generate reports. Moreover, this is Management friendly Software and it can generate lot of Management Reports without any Additional Customization.

 QuickBooks is an accounting package which is developed by Intuit, Inc. (www.intuit.com)  It was launched in the 90's and since then it is one of the market leaders in accounting software. This product is being used by almost 20 million Accounting Professionals all over the world particularly in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Singapore, and Middle East. The software was designed to help the small business owners who had no formal accounting training and also for the non-accountant. QuickBooks created an application that is most commonly used accounting product for small businesses.

Quick books arrived in Indian scene by 2000 and people started using the American Version and found it suitable for Indian Book Keeping with the statutory compliances.  I have also been using QuickBooks for the various Industries, i.e. Trading, Service, Individual Professionals (Lawyers, CAs, etc.,).  It is being used in the Software and ITES Companies.

 Following its success in India there were many mails and representations to Intuit (www.Intuit.com) for developing an Indian Version of QuickBooks. I also used to send my ideas and suggestions from time to time.

 After thorough consideration and market analysis, INTUIT has at last realized the potential of the Indian Market INTUIT has developed an Indian Version of QuickBooks. To begin and test the movement of the product, INTUIT has launched the ONLINE TRIAL version of the QuickBooks. The Beta version has almost all the features and reports of the Desktop Version. I am happy to inform you the Link of the Indian Version QBO.   Please use the following link and create your own user ID & Password after that you can create and configure the company.

www.intuitqbo.in or www.quickbooksonline.co.in

You can create any number of companies under one user id & password. Once you have created your user id and password, please use the following link to create additional companies.



I am sure you will find this product very handy and better than the existing accounting tool. Please do visit www.intuit.com  to know more about the Intuit Inc., Please also visit www.quickbooks.com to know about the QuickBooks Products.

 I am ready to assist you in case you are in need of any help or clarification. I have been doing consultancy and Training of QuickBooks in Chennai.  I have been using this product for the past 15 years.  I have acquired enough expertise in all the versions of the QuickBooks namely US Version, Australian Version, Asian Version, and I have also worked with UK Version for more than 1 year. 

Considering my experience and expertise with this software, M/s. Intuit Inc. has honored me as a Pro Advisor with the responsibility of identifying, training and commissioning the software depending on the type of industry.

Please use the product and give your valuable suggestions and ideas to Intuit, so that the product is completely in order to meet all your requirements.

 Thanking you and once again wishing you and your family a very good, prosperous and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Best Regards and Thanks



(M) 99406 55579

E-mail:  qbchennai @ yahoo.in;

Sample Report generated from Quickbooks is attached herewith

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Chartered Accountant

Nice Info Sir

I'm also using Quickbooks for one of my US client (For his Indian Business)

Currently all the figure are shown in $ only, Do you have any Idea how to Convert that to Indian Version

All Administrative rights vests with my client only, I'm provided with one user credentials, I'm using that for accounting


But I feel that Quick books takes much time for accounting entries, Compare to tally or Focus

I could not find the tools to Duplicate the Repeated Entries etc




QuickBooks Pro Advisor Consultant & Trainer

Hi Prakash

Can you tell me in which reports you get $ sign. According to me you will get the dollar sign only when you enter the cheques.  That too can be changed in windows through control panel.  In control panel, please select the country region and select the Rupees Sign.

By the way which verson QB you are using? and what is Industry is that?. 



Chartered Accountant

I guess I'm Using Quickbooks Online Basic, Using it for a Software company Here


I getting $ sign, Every where, in Ledger Totals, Balance Sheets, P&L, As you said while writing cheques too. 

I think we can't change it through control panel, as it is Online version of Quickbooks. License is with my Client in US, I think he is also using it there also for US Company

QuickBooks Pro Advisor Consultant & Trainer

since your client is US Company, obviously there using American Version of Online Edition. For your kind information online version of the respective country will bear the country's currency sign and you can not change anything in the online version.

In India I have been using the Desktop Version of the American Edition (you have Pro, Premier & Enterprise Edition) in which you can change the currency symbol in control panel.

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Outsourcing Manager

Hello Sir

Can I please know that how to change the currency from control panel and can I really use a US Version QuickBooks software (Desktop) for Indian Accounting.

I have licensed US version of QuickBooks Pro 2012. Please give me step by step instructions that how can i customize this software to use for Indian Business so that all reports show only INR instead of USD.





Hello Anuradha

Please go to control panel/regional and language options there you can your country option and also on the other tabs provided change the currency sumbol and other details as you require.


CA Akash Singhai

Assistant Manager Finance



Thanks for provide detail view of the quick books. If any possibilities that we can use quickbooks for freelance accounting.

QuickBooks Pro Advisor Consultant & Trainer

Originally posted by : Vinoth



Thanks for provide detail view of the quick books. If any possibilities that we can use quickbooks for freelance accounting.

Hi Vinoth


It can be used for freelanc accounting. Do you mean to say you are maintaining accounts for your clients. Please write to me in detail or call on the number provided.

- Bala -

Chennaiqb @ yahoo.in  (0) 99406 55579


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