Project Report for Maternity Nursing Home

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Detailed Project Report for Maternity Nursing Home


We can guide you for complete procedures for setting up a Maternity Nursing Home i.e. type of machinery & floors space required, total capital outlay, requirement of regulatory permissions & clearances.


We can undertake responsibility of getting project sanctioned by banks. In this regard we prepare Bankable Detailed Project Report & Layout with Construction Cost Estimate as per unique needs of clients. DPR includes Quotations for Main Equipments and Other Equipments too. We take rigorous follow up with banks for early sanction of project.


While planning on behalf of clients we strive for maintaining best quality standards adopted by industry in terms of space and facilities both.


Functional requirements:


Functionally the Maternity Nursing Home shall have Entrance lobby cum reception & admissions and four distinct sections:


1.  Out Patient and Emergency Services include Obstetric and Gynaecological Clinic, Family Welfare Clinic, Paediatric Clinic, General purpose Clinic, Emergency Unit, Supporting Facilities (waiting space, clinical laboratory, injection room).

2.  Diagnostis and Therapeutic Services include Pathology Clinic (biochemistry laboratory, microbiology laboratory, hematology laboratory), Radio Diagnosis Clinic (radiography room, ultrasound, film developing & processing room, consultation area), Obstetrical cum Surgical suite (zoning traffic flow, circulation, comfort condition, reception bay & relative waiting, change room, storage, theater pack preparation room, pre-operative room, examination and preparation room for delivery suite unit, recovery rooms, labour rooms, delivery rooms, operation theatre, scrub-up, instrument sterilization, dirty utility)

3.    In-patient Nursing Units (Wards) include Maternity Ward, Paediatric Ward, Neonatal Care Unit, Private Ward, Intensive Care Unit, Ward Ancillaries (nursing station, treatment room, ward pantry, ward store, sluice room, day space, sanitary), Maternity Nursing Unit (antenatal beds, postnatal beds, eclampsia bed, post operative bed, gynecological bed) Paediatric Ward, Neonatal Care Unit (high dependency unit, low dependency unit, nurses station, formula cum breast feeding room), Intensive Care Unit (a fully visible patients area with adequate space all round for positioning of specialized equipment, a central nurses station with minimum possible walking distance, an adequate stock of medicines, and distinct clean and dirty utility area where movement of staff and supplies could be minimized)

4.  Administrative Unit, Non-clinical and Engineering Services include Administrative Unit, Non-clinical services (sterilization, dietary services, laundry service, store), Engineering Services (civil engineering, electrical, illumination, ventilation, mechanical, water supply, drainage & sanitation, communication, gas supply, fire protection, waste disposal system)


Instruments and equipments requirements required by various sections and units may conform to prescribed standards.


Accordingly space planning is worked out as per prescribed standards and to rationalize the requirements for various facilities in the Maternity Nursing Home.


Building requirements should consider circulation, floor height, apertures for light & air, architectural finishes, building design & sanitary fitments.


Accordingly manpower planning is worked out based on two persons per bed but should get increased to three persons per bed when the Maternity Nursing Home is working to its full load capacity.


In addition management particulars requirements are being adhered (access, assessment and continuity of care, patient’s rights, education, care of patients, management of medication, infection control, continuous quality improvement, responsibilities of management, facility management and safety, human resource management, information management system)


You can trust us for establishing whole set up on turnkey basis right from conceptualization to planning to obtaining finance and finally till commencing.


Method of delivery: Our service delivery methods are in two stages.


First stage is towards conceptualization and planning. Here we send detail questionnaire to client and its answers help us to know what infrastructure is with client, what facilities are needed and overall budget. Answers to questionnaire help us a lot to prepare bankable detailed project report, layout and construction cost estimate. In questionnaire we also inform what government regulations are necessary to comply with while setting up Maternity Nursing Home and accordingly assist the client to meet those requirements. Output of fist stage is completion of detailed project report, layout and construction cost estimate and obtaining necessary quotations on our part and compliance of necessary regulations on client’s part. It normally takes 20-25 days time.


Second stage: Here we take rigorous follow up with banks to sanction the project. We sort out issues related to collateral requirements by banks. We also negotiate with regional/zonal branch of banks on behalf of clients, if found necessary for early sanction of project. Output of second stage is sanction of project and commencing project construction activities. It normally takes 3-6 months depending upon total project cost and to what extent client is able to meet collateral requirements.


Our service fee is very nominal and commensurate with our resources, time and money involved. It is payable in advance for first stage and upon completion of fist stage, fee is payable in advance for second stage. Interested doctors/entrepreneurs may email us for ordering information at: sameernarayan806 @



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