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Love Poems by Patricia Walter

Raj (fsadfad)     31 January 2010

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Love Poems by Patricia Walter


Friend and Lover

Gentle and kind
you're on my mind.
Sure and strong
don't mind being wrong.
So alive and aware
you always care.
Open and true
you help when I'm blue.
Friend and lover
you're like no other.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2001©


Location Unknown

I love your caress
the gentle touch of your hand
the warmth of your body next to mine.
I love the time we spend together
in a place that has no name.
No street signs point the way
no one else knows
found only by loving hearts
location unknown.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©



Love is a gentle caring
a quiet concern
deeply hidden in the heart.
A presence always felt
everyday, every minute, every hour.
Love is a gentle embrace
between body and soul.
A quiet touch of the hand
a soft hug by warm arms
a caress of two souls.
Love is a great passion
between hungry hearts.
The intimate exchange
between mind, body and soul.
Love is always caring
always growing
always being there.
Love is a wonderful gift
shared by two blessed souls
experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©



Love & Kisses

Love and kisses
is all you misses
when you're hard at work
it's not a perk.
Just water cooler friends
your ear they bends
they talk and laugh
to fill the gap.
You'll soon be home
so don't feel alone
for love and kisses
from your own true Misses.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2000©


Love Never Dies

Love never dies,
it just gets put aside
blurred by years of life.
It lives so quiet and deep in your heart
waiting for time, waiting for caring
waiting to renew passion and joy.
Love need to be embraced
love need to shout
love need to hear whispers of caring.
Love never dies
it's a patient tenant of heart and soul.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©

My Love For You

As wind , rain and mist block the rising sun
we know in our hearts it's always there.
My love for you,
not always visible through the mist of daily work,
disappointments or sorrow,
is always there.
A shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold,
a warm heart that cares.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©


The Joy of Love

Love and devotion are one as the earth and sky are one.
Neither exists without the other.
May you be blessed with the infinite joy from such a love.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©


Quiet Gifts

Quiet gifts touch the spirit and heart
absolutely free, not costing a penny
taking only a few moments from the day.
A soft touch to the shoulder
quietly holding hands
a warm hug when least expected -
quiet gifts of love and appreciation.
Sitting still and listening
walking slowly hand in hand
watching children play in the park -
quiet gifts of life.
Quiet gifts touch the heart and soul
give meaning to love and live.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©


The Edge of Love

The sadness is really hard to bear, struggling on the edge of love.
To really know if it is lost or still there, buried so deep under hurt, guilt and sorrow.
Or is it just a fond remembrance of a once new and passionate love?
The answers, the truth, lay deep inside.
There is no shortcut, no gentle path, it's an uphill battle all the way.
There will be a time, when you crest the hill, and the answer quietly appears.
You may be talking tall and alone or holding hands with the love of your life.
Only time and patience and tears will tell what your heart already knows,
but silently waits to whisper to your soul.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©


The Little Things I Love

A surprise call during the day to say "I Love You"
A small hug when I least expect it.
Opening and closing the car door for me.
Walking hand in hand quietly talking.
Caring about how my day went.
Offering me quiet loving passion.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 2006©


To My Husband

Thank You for being my friend.
Thank You for being my lover.
Thank You for being my husband.

Your friendship is a gift most valued and cherished.
You listen with an open mind, never criticizing or scolding.
You share the good times and the bad with love and kindness.
You have always been a friend from the first time we met.

Your love is exciting, passionate and tender.
Time spent in a place unknown to others.
Memories long cherished of great desire and sharing.

Your partnership feel both secure and familiar.
Year of sharing, growing and discovering.
A bond between two souls, not described by mere words.
Than You for being my friend, my lover, my husband.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©



Together is a wonderful place to be.
Together is a warm, secure, kind and loving.
A place where two lovers reside.
Warmth from loving and caring
warmth from tender embraces
soft kisses.
Secure from the world outside.
A private space inhabited by two.
Kindness, given and received,
without guilt or demand.
A soft, gentle world created by lovers.
Together is a wonderful place to be.

Original Poetry & Art by Patricia Walter 1999©

Patricia Playing Always

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