Instructions for Filing of Online Dvat return

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Instructions for Filing of Online Returns by Registered Dealers

(Form DVAT-16 & Form1)

1. Log onto site

2. Enter your TIN which is user ID and Password to log-in at �Dealer Login� on the home page. Password can be changed by clicking on 'change password' option. Update profile including Email, Telephone nos., Mobile phone nos. etc.

4. Select On line Return>>File Original Return from left menu.

5. If you want to file revised return then select �On line Return�>>�File Revised Return� from left menu. Go through the instructions before proceeding on to file online return.

Instruction as per new changes in DVAT Form-16

1. Please complete all the field in the form.

2. State 'N/A' in any field which is not applicable to you.

3. Return has to be field within the time limit prescribed in Rule 28 of the DVAT Rules.

4. Each page of the return including Annexure (1 to 2C) form shall be signed by the authorized signatory.

5. Purchase turnover in block R6 should be the aggregate of the amounts of purchase price paid or payable in any tax period, including any input tax. For example a dealer has purchase goods taxable at rate 5% against tax invoice costing Rs.100.0 Then the relevant column may be filled as under:
       Example:                 R6.2(3)Goods taxable at 5%    Purchase      tax credit

                                        --------   --------    
	                                    105         5


6. Attach copy of monthly wise summary of sale and purchase register maintained in form DVAT-30&31 in the format appended at Annexture-2A &2B this should be reported dealer wise instead of bill & date wise. Sale/purchase made from un-registered dealers may be reported in one row for month.

7. Dealer having tax period other than a month should also report the sale/purchase summary month wise.

8. Works Contractors should report gross sale turnover during the tax period including labors, service and consumables in the return and claim exemption for such labors & service charges mentioning it under item R5.7.

9. For reporting adjustment, please use the following convention:
        A. Any amount that decrease the output tax credit should be entered as a negative amount with a negative sign(-) before it.
        B. Any amount that increases the output tax credit should be entered as a positive amount.

6. Fill all details in Form �DVAT-16� correctly. Type one character (alphabet, digit) in one box. Return should be filed after making payment of due tax.

7. Details of payment challan may be filled in box given under item R7.6 of the return.

8. If TDS has been deducted by contractee(s) from your payment in lieu of sale in course of works contract, make entry of the amount so deducted against item R7.4.

9. If the balance amount in item R8 is negative, fill in R9.1, R9.2 or R9.3 as the case may be.

10.  After completing all applicable entries in Form DVAT-16, click on 'next' button. Entries made by you will be shown on the next screen. Click on 'Edit' button if you wanted to edit, otherwise, click on 'confirm and fill Form 1' if you are registered under CST Act also. If you are registered under DVAT Act only, the process ends after clicking on 'confirm' button. Now you have to print two copies of return and follow procedure from step 12 to 16 below.

11.  Proceed on to fill up CST return in Form 1, if you are registered under Central Act also. After completing all applicable entries, click on 'Submit' button. Entries made by you will be shown on the next screen. Click on, 'Edit' button if you wanted to change the entries or, 'Confirm' button.

12.  You have filled up the periodical return(s) for the tax period selected by you in the beginning. Now you are on the 'Print' screen. All earlier returns filed by you will also be shown here. Select the current return you have just filled in. Click on the print icon and take print out. A unique number will be displayed on the top right corner of the return(s).

13.  Print two copies of the return(s). Keep one copy with you for record and submit another copy to the Deptt. of Trade and Taxes at Front Office of Vyapar Bhavan or KCS Unit if are a dealer of that unit, along with copies of payment challans and original TDS certificates.

14.  Obtain computerised receipt from the Front Office or KCS unit as the case may be, at the time of submission of return(s) to the deptt.

15.  Only printed copies of the return(s) on which unique online receipt number is displayed may be filed with the deptt. In no case, handwritten another copy of return(s) may be filed with this printed copy. Entries made in the online return will be treated as final.

16.  Procedure for filing revised return(s) is same except quoting computerised receipt number, obtained at the time of submission of printed copy to the deptt. and date of filing of original return, at the top right corner of return.



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