Implementation of Accounting in the Indian Government

joshep Vijaykumar (Digital Marketing Manager)   (20 Points)

07 January 2023  

The government of India has published 247 Accounting tenders until 04 Jan 2023. Tendersniper consolidates state and central government  tenders from 4000+ government websites. Government procures tenders for internal audits , revenue audit, financial audit and more. An analysis of the tender advertisements provides rich insights about the procurement pattern of the government. 

As on 4th January 2023, government agencies have advertised 247 live tenders for Accounting services. Of the 28 Indian states, Rajasthan has advertised 15% of all the tenders (i.e. 37 advertisements). The next states are Delhi accounting 13% of the advertised tenders, followed by Karnataka with 11% .Refer to the graph below for a pictorial representation of the spend break-up. A detailed analysis of Accounting is available on our portal.