How to pitch your startup to investors

Arpit Shah (Accountant)     06 February 2016

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We see hundreds of in-person pitches each year and coach our founders through hundreds more. As a result, the Maven team has put together our perspective on what we like to see in a funding pitch meeting. Each investor has their own approach and preferences; for instance, we often like to see a deck in first meetings because it helps structure the conversation and get most of our initial questions out of the way. Some investors would rather have a casual, less structured conversation. Research your target investors and ask around in your network to get a feel for their preferences.

The Deck

There are already a number of great resources on pitch decks. Here are a few solid ones as a starting point:

The ideal Maven pitch deck has a lot in common with these, plus a few unique aspects given our focus. Here’s the structure we like to see:

  • Vision Worth Fighting For
  • Problem Statement
  • Product
  • Traction (if you have)
  • Market Opportunity
  • Team
  • Competition
  • Business Model
  • The Ask
  • Milestones: What are you going to do with the money?
  • In addition to the structure, we encourage founders to keep the presentation very visual without too much text. You should never read directly from a slide. If you’re sending the deck ahead of time, it might be appropriate to have a bit more text if the visuals don’t stand on their own — but always strive to trim as much text as possible.

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    The Meeting

    You should be able to cover your ~10 slide deck in about 20–25 minutes, leaving at least 10–20 minutes for questions. If interrupted during your pitch, address the question or concern and then get back to the deck. When you first sit down with the investor, make sure you ask how much time they have. Often, investors allocate an hour for the meeting but like to end 10 minutes early to debrief or make notes before their next meeting. Sometimes the day is running behind and you might have an abbreviated 30 minute meeting. Make sure to ask and tailor your speaking accordingly.

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    Finally, small talk before diving into the deck can be key. An investor-startup relationship will hopefully last many years, and is bound to experience ups and downs. Start by building a personal relationship and trying to find shared interests or experiences. Often an investor will make a decision of how engaged they will be during the meeting in those first few minutes.

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Amit Oura (MBA)     06 July 2016

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Here is an awesome free pitch deck template you can download and complete with your own information!  

Could be really helpful for some people looking to raise money


Aditi Ahuja (Financial Advisor)     03 June 2019

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The one stop solution to pitch the investors is, prepare a well thought out business plan.To convince your investors to invest or for a loan, here are some tips that start ups should follow:

1- Mention your Problem Solving Stories to be trusted

It's necessary to be trusted first in the eyes of your investors. Obviously, if they will invest in your start up they will like that their money will not be loss and at the right time they would like it back with profil. So you have to show them confidently that their money is not going to lost due to your problem solving skills. 

2- Analyse Target Market and focus accordingly

You should be realistic enough to know your customer and their requirements

3- Start preparing your business models

Again, to convince your investors, a proper business plan will definitely motivate them to invest in your plan.

4- Analyse your Market Competitors

This section is designed in proper way will denote your favour against other competitors in your industry. To opt a start up business loan, you need to show them that you are doing well against market competition

5- Display your Project revenues

It will help you as well as your investors to calculate and decide whether the projection is right or not. 

6- Clearly explain your funding needs and requirements

Last and most important, you need to clearly understand your funding requirement and request them to invest accordingly.

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