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communication (paper-2)

Sana Sultana Mussu (Student)     04 May 2018

Sana Sultana Mussu
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↪️ Communication All Headings at One Place

Each Question in Communication has certain Headings and it is almost mandatory in exam to write these headings.

Below, you can quickly revise all the Side Headings for each question in Communication.

Principles of Interpersonal Communication:
Interpersonal Communication is -
1. Inescapable
2. Irreversible
3. Complicated
4. Contextual

Functions of Interpersonal Communication:
1. Gaining Information
2. Building Understanding
3. Establishing Identity

Qualities of a Critical Thinker:
1. Open-minded
2. Well Informed
3. Experimental
4. Contextual
5. Reserved in making conclusions

Characteristics of Group:
1. Spirit of Conformity
2. Respect for Group Values
3. Resistance to Change
4. Group Prejudice
5. Collective Power

Types of Groups in Organisations:
1. Self-Direct Teams
2. Quality Circles
3. Committees
4. Task Force

Steps in Consensus Building:
1. Problem-solving orientation
2. Engage in Active Listening
3. Disagree without being Disagreeable
4. Maintain Transparency

Negotiation Process:
1. Arguing
2. Signalling
3. Proposing
4. Packaging
5. Bargaining
6. Closing & Agreeing

Ethical Dilemmas in Communication:
1. Secrecy
2. Whistle-blowing
3. Leaks
4. Rumour
5. Lying
6. Euphemisms
7. Ambiguity

Guidelines to Handle Ethical Dilemmas:
1. Legal Considerations
2. Moral Considerations
3. Maintain Candour
4. Behave Consistently
5. Keep Confidences
6. Confront Unethical Behaviour

Elements of Culture:
1. The Paradigm
2. Control Systems
3. Organisational Structures
4. Symbols
5. Rituals and Routines
6. Stories and Myths

Reasons for Acceptance of Change:
1. Money
2. More-Authority
3. Status/Prestige
4. Better Working Conditions
5. Self-Satisfaction

Key Elements in Innovation:
1. Accessibility
2. Recognise and Reward
3. Develop Company programs that encourage Innovation
4. Foster Informal Communication


Kevin Robson   03 March 2019

Kevin Robson

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