Clearing grp1 ipcc in 9th attempt!

Congrats and don't lose the hope at any time. I would like to share my interesting story too. I passed IPCC Group-1 in Nov. 2012 in 3rd attempt and joined the articles in Feb. 2013 and I've been appearing IPCC Group-II(along with group-I) since May 2012 and at last I passed recently in 7th attempt of IPCC Group-II Thank God. You are really a tough person!!!

I salute you. 

You inspired me a lot .

All the very best for Nov 2015 exams .


Hats off ! ....Congo for first group Best luck for 2nd

Hats off you

i cleared my ca- ipcc in 11th attempt.. passed my 1st group in 9 th attempt.

and therafter cleared my final in 3rd attempt.

myloved ones left me, my relatives made fun of me.

one of my relative asked me do you have mad?  he offered to help me find better job. i told him i dont want, wait for 3yrs i will give you better job, he is earning 9lakhs at that time.

these relatives dont know your story, what going on in your heart but want to comment something for the sake of commenting.

believe me the feeling of i faced many failures, is greater than anything, coz you actually know and felt deeper heart breaks.

for eg., failing in final is quite a bit less heart break than failing in ipcc, after clearing final. not able to find a better job is bit more less heart break than not able to complete CA at all. once you get a job not living in a way you want is miniare heart break than not getting a job and the list goes on..

failure is a stepping stone for success...

abraham lincon failed numerous times before he become president of usa, so does edison.

if your aim is to become what you want then there is no meaning of looking back.


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Audit Assistant

Hads off to you you give inspirations to all thanku
articled assistant

Do rock in second group

Gr8... you have so much of pasions..gr8 inspiration...

HATS off Beleve in God...Jakho rakhe saiya Mar Sake na koi:-)
D.G.M - Finance

You have commendable positive attitude and high maturity level. Without any grudges you have rather appreciated and thank ICAI for raising your standard and believe me it is truth. "I found you had i have raised my standards upto your expectations in these 5 years of Journey of IPCC. ICAI Made me stronger from an attempt to another i realised it somewhere in the year 2014. "Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai" - Keep it up buddy I am sure you will clear rest of your journey very fast. S.K Batra (CA.CS.LLB) info.cacsllb @



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