G.Ramesh (Manager Internal Audit) (49 Points)

15 February 2008  

Dear ALL  Chartered Accountant

I went to  the interview for the reputed IT Company in chennai, in the month of Dec

3 rounds of interview everything went well , HR of IT Company you have been shortlised we will be giving the offer letter on the same day.  They ask for the referenece also i also give the refernce, after some time they say that pls come on monday to collect the offer letter , on monday they says that pls wait Offer letter is in progress. and waited for 2 hours in the reception after wards they say that your shortlisted approval for offer letter is pending.(Reference Check is also over)

They say that Pls come on wednesday because Dec25th Chirstmas Holiday.

On wednesday i called the HR he says that your candidature is not shortlisted

How is it possible, (Experience Shared in Reputed IT Company in Chennai)