As RBI Assistant recruitment starts so I'm sharing some useful tips with you

Karan kumar (Cahsier) (20 Points)

22 February 2022  

Let's take a look at the section preparation strategy for the preliminary phase of the exam. 

Before starting the exam preparation, it is very important to understand the exam and make a strict follow-up schedule. This will force you to push the limits and help you reach your goal in the end.

English Language - RBI Assistant Readiness Strategy

  • Reading comprehension and the Cloze test are undoubtedly a vital part of the English section and form a large part of it. But this habit is not built overnight. It takes constant effort and persistence to get a good reading speed and finally summarize what you've read. It is not a difficult task if one focuses on it.
  • Start with the daily reading of the newspaper, especially the economic and editorial section. This will expand your circle and also help you keep up with the latest general consciousness.
  • Summarize what you have read and try to find out what questions to expect from the same paragraph.
  • Browse online classes, video lessons, or books to master the basics of jumbled jumbles, sentence substitution.
  • Grammar and sentence correction need to be fast and accurate, as these are grading topics and a lot of time can be saved once mastered.
  • Follow the schedule prepared for you and you will be able to break the partition.

Numerical Capability - RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy

  • This section requires a subtle but powerful approach. Exam questions are more complex than usual.
  • Prepare yourself a program that focuses on all the topics that may be on the exam. For your help you will find the full agenda of all chapters here.
  • Practice interpreting data (focusing on arithmetic such as TSD, time and work, etc.) every day to gain a good understanding of the different types of DI that may be required during exams.
  • Follow our expert faculties for the fundamentals of important topics and learn from the best.
  • The only thing that will help you navigate the section is constant practice.

Reasoning Ability - RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy

  • This part is more complex and often takes a long time if the focus is distorted along the way. In order to try all kinds of questions, it is necessary to practice at least 40-50 questions a day.
  • Change the topic daily so that you can prepare more types of questions from each topic.
  • Be mindful of the types of questions you ask, this will help you get more and score more on the main exam day.

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