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Originally posted by : BALU A HELPING HAND...


Now you have deleted your original message. What nonsense you are doing here?? What impact will it have on other readers who will read all the post without any source post. 

I think today you are a frustrated lot. I have got an answer to my previous post. Its not nice to share it openly. Everyone knows, why you posted such question...  Hope you got my answer now. Pls don't waste others time by posting such unethical post which at the end you want to delete.

Abhimanyu Bind (CA Final Student & Audit Assitant)   (2049 Points)
Replied 27 August 2010

Hey kaya ur short slide show taught uncountable things. Thanks a lot for this...

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Balaji (Knowledge Seeker) (317 Points)
Replied 27 August 2010

Dear Balu,

Please wake up and smell the coffee(Or is it "Kaappi"?)

As Napoleon said "Never ascribe to malice,that which can be explained by incompetence".

Get well soon.

Ranjitha Mallya (article, PCC) (113 Points)
Replied 28 August 2010


This mail i have already read re..,

CA Sanat Pyne (F.C.A. & M.COM) (20102 Points)
Replied 28 August 2010

thanks kaya   its really useful .

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Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15607 Points)
Replied 28 August 2010

Originally posted by : Faiz Ahmed

Thnx Kaya, You shared an important, life long valuable suggestion.

I hope Mr. Balu  has got answer to his simple question.

All The Best...  Think Big & Aim For Excellence!!

anuj dhingra (Accounts Executive) (152 Points)
Replied 28 August 2010

hey kaya, i agree with u you are doing very good job. but office main har koi politics khelene mai laga hai. even soft hearted people or hard working people bhi politics main end main ghus jate hai. for getting success in job or life You should have 1. smartness 2. good communication skill 3. professional degree 4. smartness or u can say that Creative Also

Bhaskaran Chackrapani Warrier (Chartered Accountant) (80230 Points)
Replied 28 August 2010


To add :-

There is no substitute for hard work - Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Do your Job. Don't expect the result. - Bagavat Geetha.

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sudhakar ca cwa (service) (1518 Points)
Replied 28 August 2010

good one kaya

CA.kaya (Chartered accountant) (3990 Points)
Replied 28 August 2010

hi guys this was not my post.. it was of balu.. he asked some quest . to which i just ans...thanks for ur replys friends

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latheefa (b) (23 Points)
Replied 29 August 2010

smart  and practical ans friend..

Originally posted by : Kaya
( his quest was: one do hard work with dedication but dont get recognition but other do little work and get recognition why its so?????)
hi balu... i got one mail . i am attaching the same. . you may find the ans to ur quest from the attached file .. i am not sure whether i am attaching the correct file to ur quest or not. but if it gives u correct ans then accept it if not then ignore.. ok

thank you

CA Chirag Haraniya (Chartered Accountant) (902 Points)
Replied 30 August 2010

Hardwork is important........ but with that do smart work nd dedication towards ur work is necessory.... Give as much as you can............... Then only you can achieve success.....

Satish shastri (CA final Student) (91 Points)
Replied 16 September 2010

Thanx kaya nd balu for sharing..

God bless u both with sucess unlimited.

Vishnu Saboo (AM) (4185 Points)
Replied 30 June 2015

awesome .. very nice story 

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