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In addition to my practice I  am  guiding C. A. Students on the subject how to prepare, write in the examination  and to pass C. A. Examination.  Many time I have  deliver lectures in ICAI, Mumbai on this subject.  During training my artiles pass C. A. Examination in the first attempt and many have come out with ranks which gives them oppoprtunities to work with Big 4..


I am practicing Chartered Accountant since 1978.  I am dealing the matters of Income Tax and handle scrutiny assessments, Appearing before CIT (Appeals), Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, High Court and Supreme Court by hiring advocate and councils. Company Law - settling the disputes, formation of the company, Audit, FDI investments, valuation of shares , due diligence etc., Arbitration - settling family disputes and other disputes, Project Consultancy - Bank Finance, Project viability, revival of sick industries and all other matters to run the unit at a profit.  I was the advisor to the Ex: Chief Ministers of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for quite a long time and was in the recruitment board of Arunachal Pradesh Forest Corporation Limited.  At the ICAI I was Branch Chairman of Guwahati Branch for 3 consecutive years and organised many seminars, conferences.  I was also a paper writer and chaired many sessions of the seminars and conferences.



I am based at Mumbai and have specialised in Income Tax Matters, representing cases before various authorities including CIT(A), Income Tax Appellate Tribunal and Settlement Commission.  I am also specilied in Company Matters, resolving disputes and putting back on the trac sick industrial units with proper financial and marketing planning.



    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    All question relating to Income Tax, Chartered Accountancy Student's carrier, Company Law matters

    My area of expertise
    Income Tax and Company Law

    My experience in the area (years):
    Since 1978. About 33 Years in this line

    Organizations I belong to:
    S. S. Agarwal & Co., Chartered Accountants

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    In news papers of North Eastern Region on VAT, Vikipidia, Edesk portal

    Educational credentials:
    M. Com., LL.B., F.C.A

    Award & Honors:
    Highly appreciated and accepted. People use to wait for the daily news papers

  • Gaurang says : TDS ON SALE OF PROPERTY
    I am buying flat jointly.Cost 75 Lacs from joint owners.Since 2 buyers & 2 sellers I came to know both buyers has to deduct TDS from each sellers & accordingly 4 Challans has to be filled As per agreement I am about to pay Rs.14.25Lacs 1st Inst. after deducting 75K TDS ( 1% of 75Lacs) before registering agreement & Bal.Amt after 45 Days of registration.with proof TDS Challan How 4 Challans is to be filled in.

  • Rishi T says : Regarding returned joining bonus. Need help
    Hi, Actually I joined a company and they paid me a joining bonus of Rs.3 lakhs and deducted TDS of Rs.92700 at source and paid me the balance which is fine. Now that I left the company and they are are taking back the whole amount. Can I file return by reducing that amount myself which the company refused to reflect in form-16? If yes, then if it comes for scrutiny then, can I use the Full & Final statement where it shows I paid back the whole amount as a valid proof to support my claim? Rishi

  • shiv narang says : tac
    Respected sir can you please tell me that does it make any difference if the body of individuals is incorporated or not?

  • Ashish Jasuja says : ESI Karnataka
    Hello Mr. Agarwal. We have a retail shop in Karnataka of clothing and we are employing 18 persons. We use a computer for billing purpose. Is ESI applicable ? Read more at: http://www.caclubindia.com/experts/experts_profile.asp?member_id=161450

  • gopal bhutara says : Query
    sir, please tell me how I go ahead for taking refund of excess CDT?

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