21 October 2019 at 19:06

How to claim GST.


Exporting bricks to Bhutan but cannot charges IGST. Whether at the time of purchase I have to pay CGST and SGST?
Now i have two confusion
1. How to show in Gstr 3b, only total value and what about Igst which i have not charge in Invoice.?

2.How do i get the rebate on gst which i paid at the time of purchase of brick?
Please guide me.

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In a Private Limited Company there are 2 directors in F.Y. 2018-19 - Mr A and Mr B. Mr A and Mr B resign from the Company as on 31st January 2019 and Mr. C and Mr. D are appointed as directors. In this case who is responsible to file the return for F.Y. 2018-19 - Mr A and Mr B or Mr C and Mr D? Please give reference to the appropriate Section of the Act.

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21 October 2019 at 16:17

Project report format

Can the experts provide me a project report format for starting a charitable educational institution and a free school?

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An employee who was terminated from services had gone into an appeal against his termination. The employee then expired and his spouse agreed for out of court settlement for a ex gratia payment basedon salary and applicable DA. Whether TDS would be levied on this payment. Please quote relevant section and case laws.
Thanks in advance

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20 October 2019 at 14:03


A person is a partner in a firm and from that he gets interest on his capital.
If he also pays interest on other loan, can he claim that interest.

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20 October 2019 at 13:41

Application u/s 154

hello , for a y 2011-12 rectification u/s 154 to be filed because the deductor changed the TDS Amount. Now want to rectify the TDS details only. Rest particulars of Return will be unchanged. Opinions are required with any case law. Thanks in advance

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Greetings all,

My father (age 65 years) sold a house property last month for Rs. 16,00,000 /- It was registered in his father's name (d. 2004), the ownership of which was granted to my father by a competent court in 2012.

We understand that the amount received through sale of the said property is taxable as Long Term Capital Gains. We intend to save the amount in its entirety from tax liability.

For this, we intend to construct a house by utilizing the entire sum received. There is a plot of land in the name of my mother (d. 2013). We plan to construct the house on that plot.

Queries for your kind consideration:

1. The construction of the said house will be started sometime in March 2020, and it's expected to get completed in December 2020, tentatively. Can we claim exemption for the amount in the IT return of my father in AY 2020-21? Will it become ineligible for claiming exemption owing to non-completion of house, and obviously due to non-utilization of the Capital Gain amount, as on the date of filing of the IT return?

2. We’ve been told we’d need to furnish proof of construction of house by utilizing the entire sale proceeds. What documents or papers would amount to proper proof of construction of a house? In this regard, is an approved building plan absolutely necessary as proof of construction? Is there any alternative proof one could provide?

3. We understand that there is a need to obtain a building plan and get that plan approved by the local civic authority. If we don't get the plan approved by the authorities, but still construct the house as per the plan, what other document can be obtained to vouch for proof of construction of house? Will the Architect’s plan and estimate be entertained by IT authorities in this respect?

4. Refer to above point, will a property tax receipt issued by the municipality be enough to serve as proof of construction? How about an application for electricity connection or electricity/utility bill in the name of my father?

5. To compute the amount of Capital Gain, we'll need the property's value as at 01-04-2001. Which authority will provide the value? Can a value certificate as at 01-04-2001 issued by the Sub-Registrar of the place where the property existed be sufficient in this matter?

Thanks in advance.

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19 October 2019 at 11:29

Salary -

gratuity limit applicable for nov 2019 examinations (ca inter) in case of employees not covered under gratuity act

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19 October 2019 at 11:13

Form 26AS and Balance Sheet

Assessee is a partnership in service sector
He raises invoices with GST and client deducts TDS u/s 194C @ 2%.
Two clients have deducted TDS on Invoice value including GST.
Final accounts are filed showing sales net of GST
So there is difference between sales as per 26AS and as per profit and loss account already uploaded on income tax portal along with Form 3CB & 3CD. Tax audit report shows figure of turnover net of GST
Now my question is how to fill ITR 5 to avoid unnecessary income tax notice as to mismatch in turnover as per 26AS and turnover as per accounts

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19 October 2019 at 09:00

Dual pan card

Sir, I had applied for personal loan 3-4 time, but rejected due to dual pan card. But I have never applied for new pan card. Kindly tell me how to check and get it surrender immediately to process my loan application. Thanks, Ajay nakra nakraa@gmail.com.

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