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Dear Sir/Mam,

Please clarify the doubt. Whether the director of producer company needs to vacate office if he not attend board meeting for a continuous period of 12 months??? If yes what are the procedures we need to follow for the vacation of office of director???

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22 January 2019 at 12:51

Esi for daily wage workers

Whether ESI applicable for daily wage workers or casual workers? If applicable what are the rates?

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22 January 2019 at 11:35

Project for construction company

Dear Sir I want a loan for small business with construction company . would you help make the project report

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21 January 2019 at 12:30

West bengal profession taxes

What is the provision for filling monthly return under west bengal profession Tax Act.

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21 January 2019 at 10:29

Under invoicing

Is there any penalty for selling goods at a rate less than the rate at which they were purchased under any act (income tax, GST or any other)?
Note: The transaction is an Inter state one.

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19 January 2019 at 18:37

msme udyogaadhaar registration

What should be the NIC code of private coaching center for MSME udyogaadhaar registration

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19 January 2019 at 16:49

Fema -fcnr

In 2013, Export of Personnel Health Products was made. The payment was received thru banking channel in Convertible foreign exchange. FCNR were not received. The bank is insisting on FCNR for clearing. However, FCNR is issued by receiving Banker of which the company has no knowledge who was negotiating banker, nor its bankers presently are able to tell. What needs to be done?

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18 January 2019 at 15:39

Incorporation of opc

Tried to Register OPC following message is sent from MCA.

OPC cannot carry NBFC related activities and no OPC can not acquire/invest in
securities of any body corporate and further OPC cannot issue or allot shares to anyone except its member, Please
remove such objects from MOA
3. Definition of OPC as per Sec 2(62) alongwith the definition of Private Company as
per Sec. 2(68) of the Companies Act, 2013 should be mentioned in INC-34 e-AOA"

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18 January 2019 at 08:45

Filing of cost audit report

A Private Limited Co fails to file Cost Audit Report for the Financial Year 12-13. The Cost Auditor who has done the cost audit is also absconding to do his duties. Hence, co is in the adverse situation whether to file 23D or CRA-4 to file Cost Audit Report for 12-13.

Also co has tried to file CRA-4 but repeatedly the file is unable to upload with some how with comments. May times token has been raised in MCA but no results.

Kindly guide in this matter.

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