11 December 2019 at 21:56


Can you give information about GDK & Associates firm in Indore

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11 December 2019 at 19:00



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11 December 2019 at 17:23

Dormant Company

Plz send me all formats for applying of dormant company

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11 December 2019 at 16:19

De-bonded assests

For Maharashtra, can you help with these queries:

1. Once the assets are been De-bonded, is there any specific time limit to keep those assets in our premises ?
2. Can we use the assets, once it has been debonded ? If yes, then do we have any specific time frame ?

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11 December 2019 at 14:16

Regarding icai email

can a member can create an email with icai (eg: xxxxxxx@icai.org) and can we create a email to a ca firm with icai as domain

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11 December 2019 at 12:41

ITR filing

My friend has bought a new car 1600cc engine on 1.11.2019.He maintains and runs car partly for his official and household .How the conveyance expense can be shown in ITR.

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10 December 2019 at 18:54

Registeration of DSC on ESIC Portal

How can I register DSC on ESIC Unified Portal?

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10 December 2019 at 11:36

Firm Registration

Dear Sir/ Mam, I want to register my Partnership firm in Chandigarh kindly someone provide me the Official Govt. Site link so that I can register .....

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Can a private limited company accept deposit from its distributors? If yes, then what interest should the company pay on such deposit and how much TDS shoud be deducted on the interest paid?

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09 December 2019 at 16:33

Any benifits from DGFT for Export Service

What is the DGFT benefits for export supply of service.

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