23 August 2019 at 10:42

About epf caluculation

Dear Sir,

Please guide me on EPF contirbutions,

As of now, we are following with this method -

if an employee basic salary is 15,000/- greater than 15,000/- in this case we consider 15,000/- as sealing amount as per pf act
= 15,000/- * 12%= 1800 / no of days in a month * no of days present.

If an employee basic salary is lesser than 15,000/- for example if it is 12,000/-

12,000/- *12 = 1440/- no of days in a month * no of days present

Recently we received a 7A enquiry from EPF dept for the period Apr15 to Nov16 and we attended the enquirty.

In the inquiry the EFO of PF said that we have to consider a employee salary like Gross salary - HRA = Salary and sealed to 15,000/-
Example - Basic + HRA + Conveyence +Speacial Allowance (10,000 + 4,000 + 1500 + 1000) = 16,500/- - 4000/- = 12,500/- *12%.

Sir, Please guide us on the above and educate how to prceed for further.

Thank in advance

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Dear sir/ma'am

I have been trying to register to CA intermediate from past 4 days but its showing me error.

The form shows cpt and asks me to enter roll no.but there is no option to enter my roll no. I have filled all the applicatin details properly and follower all the instructionsproperly please kindly look into the matteras 30th august is the last date for me to register for may 2020 exam pleaeee help me out.

Thank you

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22 August 2019 at 12:20

Foreign exchange management

Can a Nepali buy immovable property in India?

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22 August 2019 at 07:36

Partnership ratio

What is the investment and profit percentage for working partner and silent partner in partnership?
Explain both banking and others.

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21 August 2019 at 18:01

Rera applicability

Can Partnership firm ( builder) accept advance booking of flat before Rera Registration and plan is also pending for approval with municipal authorities??

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21 August 2019 at 10:33

Project report

Does Any1 have project report on automobile service center

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Dear Sir,

Good Evening,

Kindly guide me that how to calculate Bonus and Earned Leave?

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20 August 2019 at 17:05


hi, please anyone can send me a link to membership registration letter

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19 August 2019 at 18:19

Reconstitution of partnership deed

Is it necessary to give notice to assessing officer for changes made in the Partnership Deed due to change in the partner?

Thank you

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