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Prabhakar Mekala
This Query has 5 replies

This Query has 5 replies

Dear legal experts from CACLUB community


A. We have joint family property with 1979 govt approved layout. The layout haS 2 areas earmarked as park areas and one area earmarked as open area. On the layout plan these areas are specifically marked as parks and open area respectively.

B.The purpose of the open area was to facilitate parking, loading and unloading required for the shopping complex ( also belonging to our joint family ) right next to it. This was the specific purpose for which the area was left open.

C. Recently half of the said shopping complex got half demolished due to road widening and the half demolished complex has been lying vacant awaiting repairs, The whole exercise got delayed due to corona lock down. The open space after so many decades for the first time has been lying quiet without being used.

Now suddenly out of the blue to our shocking surprise the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation ( GHMC ) issued a tender to construct a compound wall around the said open space claiming that since it is a open area inside an approved layout it belongs to GHMC.

We have 4 decades of pahani copies showing ownership, a registered partition deed dated 2014 clearly stating the shares of the shopping complex and clearly mentioning that the said open area is jointly owned land which has been set aside for future development. We also have property tax receipts of the last 30 to 40 years, electricity receipts, notices given by GHMC for acquiring half of the shopping for demolition and the compensation cheques.

Note: No notice has been served by GHMC prior to issuing the said tender.

Keeping the above facts in mind please help with your respected expert opinions on the below queries:

1. What is he actual legal position on open areas in a govt approved layout ?

2. Based on the above facts mentioned does the govt any case against us and is there any justice in trying acquire our long held land ?

3. How should we build our case when going for a stay in honourable high court ? What should be our main ground for seeking stay ?

4. Are there any relevant case laws from supreme court or high court which can come to our rescue ?

Thank you and regards.

This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

22 May 2020 at 19:12

Word Label in Trademarks


I can see Word Label in brackets after name when I do a trademark search. What does this mean?


This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

12 May 2020 at 20:47

Trade Unions

Dear Sir
One of my client want to formation an employees union for all rajasthan Private school teachers for protection of rights.
What is the procedure and other related information ?
Please Suggest.
ramdev jyani

This Query has 2 replies

This Query has 2 replies

09 May 2020 at 11:43


Dear sir/Madam,
I Have one doubt regarding ESI applicability.
In our organisation Some of employees Gross wages is Exact Rs 21000/-.whether we have to deduct ESI @0.75% or not.

ESI is applicable upto 20999 or 21000..?

Thanks in advance.
Bheema Reddy.

This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

30 April 2020 at 03:11

Foreign exchange

Dear sir/ma'm,
I want to know that whether it is Legal for indian resident to invest in foreign exchange on stock exchange of foreign country..
Also is binary option trading in India is allowed in India?

Sagar Dhanda
This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

Hello Experts,

There is a plot which is in name of one partner in partnership firm.
As per conveyence deed plot is in name of " Ranjan Singh prop of M/s Amrita chemicals"

If a partnership formed with 4 partners with one partner is Ranjan singh with his 3 more friends.
This plot does not put by Ranjan Singh in stock in partnership firm.

All partners of partnership firm transfered all rights to Ranjan Singh and signed a dissolution deed.

Now one partner is left in M/s Amrita chemicals.

My Question is--

1) The owner of this plot is Ranjan singh or Partnership firm ,/s Amrita chemicals.

2) If any one wants to buy this plot from Ranjan Singh, Then plot will be transfered by REGISTERED SALE DEED or the buyer has to do partnership with Ranjan singh and Ranjan Singh will retire by notarised retirement deed.


This Query has 3 replies

This Query has 3 replies

23 April 2020 at 19:05


Dear Experts,
Would like to known from which year , the Act is applicable.
Is it applicable for FY 19-20 & from which date.

Rahul Sharma
This Query has 4 replies

This Query has 4 replies

05 April 2020 at 21:39


Dear All,

Can a person from India purchase lottery ticket (which are held in foreign) in foreign currency?

And if he win the same than can he transfer such winning in his Indian bank account?

Thanks & Regards

This Query has 1 replies

This Query has 1 replies

14 March 2020 at 13:04

Company incorporation

please tell me full live procedure company incorporation spice+ and agile pro(stamp duty related also)

Hitesh Ghade
This Query has 4 replies

This Query has 4 replies

10 March 2020 at 08:09


If montly salary of employee is above rs.15000 but due leaves it's fall below rs.15000 then company required to deduct PF n pay?

If yes, company required to deducted pf for all months from then after?

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