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Project Finance & Modeling Workshop for Professionals - Dubai

Project Finance & Modeling (2 days)

The Training Program will take the participants on a journey which will facilitate them to thoroughly Understand sturdy Money Models and Build Robust Financial Models.

The participants will learn how to: Perform Calculations that cover Revenues, Manage Operating and maintenance Cost, Understand Capital Budgeting by scheming Capital Expenditure, depreciation, debt and equity.

We want the learners to take a lead in finance and taxation. To bring out their full potential in the formation of integrated financial statements for the entity in question.

The model is dynamic in nature, with the flexibility to run totally different situations and regulate the temporal order of key events.The participants will learn to avoid the Modelling Errors. They’ll be able to tailor the output of the model to the end users which will help them to interpret the results, study the sensitive areas and optimize the Process if needed.

Not just this much, the course utilizes tried and tested modelling approaches adopted by Big Four practitioners worldwide. The techniques covered aims to encourage the Participants work on models that are flexible, robust, transparent and user-friendly in nature.

  • Dubai: Knowledge Village, Block 2, Ground Floor G05A, UAE
  • Date: Aug 23, 24, 2018| Time: 09:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fees: AED 2,200 (all inclusive)
  • Fees: INR 40987 (all inclusive)

Excel Foundation for Financial Modeling -0.5 day

1. Essential Shortcuts:

• Sheets and Data Navigation
• Show all formulas
• Using $
• Go To (Special)
• Entering values
• Copy Pasting formulas

2. Logic Building Formulas: IF, AND, OR, MAX and MIN
3. Scenario Building Formulas: INDEX, VLOOKUP, MATCH, CHOOSE, OFFSET
4. What if Analysis Switches: Spin Button, Drop Down list, Scroll Bar

Excel based Financial Modeling (Greenfield Solar Power Project) – 1.5 days
FAST™ Modelling Standard: - a set of rules on the structure and detailed design of spreadsheet based models. (Flexible, Structured, Appropriate and Transparent).

General Flow:

DAY 1: Mini-case lets will be used to explain the concept of Flags, Circularity Switch, scenario building formulas and logic building Excel functions

DAY 1: One case study will be taken up to explain the general linkages between Assumptions, Working Schedules, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. This will ensure that the model is correctly integrated.

DAY 1 & DAY 2: A full blown Financial Model (Greenfield Solar Power Project) will be taken up

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Knowledge Village, Block 2, Ground Floor G05A, UAE, Aug 23, 24, 2018| Time: 09:30 AM � 5:00 PM

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Event from : 23 August 2018

Knowledge Village, Block 2, Ground Floor G05A, UAE

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