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Understand Corporate Tax in the UAE: Essential Insights and Practical Utilization

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Faculty : Mr. Harshal Bhuta / Mr. Hitesh Shah / Mr. Sumit Shah / Mr. Rushabh Shah

Date: December 18th & 19th, 2023

Platform: Microsoft Teams

Time: 11:00 am – 04:00 pm (Both Days) (01:00 pm to 02:00 pm – Lunch Break)

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About the Course

The Masterclass aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of corporate tax regulations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Attending this Virtual Masterclass can be beneficial for professionals living in India in several ways:

  • International Exposure : The masterclass provides insights into the corporate tax regulations specific to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This exposure to international tax laws and practices can broaden the professional's knowledge base and provide a comparative understanding of tax systems. This knowledge can be valuable for professionals dealing with cross-border transactions, global companies, or Indian businesses with operations in the UAE.
  • Global Business Perspective : Understanding the corporate tax regulations of another country, such as the UAE, can offer professionals a broader perspective on global business practices. It enables them to consider the impact of international tax laws on multinational organizations and cross-border transactions. This perspective is beneficial for professionals engaged in international business or those advising clients with global operations.
  • Cross-Border Tax Planning : Many Indian businesses and individuals engage in international transactions or have subsidiaries, branches, or investments in the UAE. By attending the masterclass, professionals can gain insights into UAE corporate tax regulations, including provisions related to taxation of non-residents, transfer pricing, and tax planning strategies. This knowledge can assist professionals in providing effective advice to their clients or organizations regarding cross-border tax planning.
  • Expat Workforce Considerations : The UAE is home to a significant expatriate workforce, including Indian professionals working in various sectors. Understanding UAE corporate tax regulations helps professionals in India better advise individuals considering employment or business opportunities in the UAE. It enables them to provide guidance on tax implications, compliance requirements, and optimizing tax outcomes for Indian expatriates.
  • International Career Opportunities : Acquiring knowledge of international tax regulations, such as those in the UAE, can open up career opportunities for professionals in India. Organizations with global operations or consulting firms specializing in international tax often seek professionals with expertise in different tax jurisdictions. Attending this masterclass enhances the professional's skill set and makes them more competitive for international tax-related roles.
  • Professional Development and Differentiation : By attending specialized training programs like the Virtual Masterclass, professionals demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. This commitment can set them apart from their peers, enhance their credibility, and increase their value to employers or clients.

While the training primarily focuses on UAE corporate tax regulations, the knowledge and insights gained can enhance the professional's understanding of international taxation, tax planning strategies, and global business considerations. This broader perspective can positively impact their professional lives in India, where cross-border transactions, global collaborations, and international tax implications are increasingly prevalent.

Course Curriculum

Understanding Corporate Taxation

  • B Overview of corporate tax in the UAE
  • Introduction to Corporate Tax
  • Corporate tax rates and thresholds
  • Registration, De-registration, Returns, Documentation
  • Taxable Entities – Legal Entities & Individuals; Exempt Entities
  • Foundation of Taxation – Legal Entities & Individuals

  • Definitions of Small Business Relief
  • Thresholds for Small Business Relief based on Turnover
  • Definitions related to Free Zones
  • Eligibility criteria and Conditions for Free Zone Individuals
  • Matrix outlining Qualifying Income
  • De Minis Requirement
  • Illustrative Examples

  • Grouping for Tax Purposes
  • Requirements and Eligibility for Tax Grouping
  • Taxable Income and Losses for Group Members
  • Relief for Tax Losses
  • Conditions and Eligibility for Tax Loss Relief
  • Losses not available for carry forward
  • Illustrative Examples

  • Idea of the arm’s length principle
  • Definition of related parties and connected persons
  • Understanding control
  • Various transfer pricing methods
  • Limits for documentation thresholds

Experienced Faculty

Mr. Harshal Bhuta Harshal Bhuta working with P. R. Bhuta & Co., Chartered Accountants (Mumbai) which is a boutique firm known for providing Indian Foreign Exchange Laws consultancy and International Taxation consultancy services along with focus on Non-Resident Indians and Foreign Nationals centric regulatory services in India. He has over 10 years of work experience and his areas of specialization include International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Indian Foreign Exchange Regulations and Business Valuation. Along with co-partners, Harshal Bhuta has made various representations from the firm to Central Board of Direct Taxes (Ministry Of Finance, Government of India), and also to The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) towards suggestions for improvement of draft legislation(s).

Hitesh Shah Hitesh Shah Partner - Panis & Shah Associates DMCC - B.COM & CMA (AUSTRALIA). He has a strong accounting experience approx. more than 25 years and has been actively involved in providing accounting services, consultancy services for setting up the businesses in UAE. For last 15 years he has been focusing on Diamond industry and is providing consultancy for setting up of business structure and booking services.

Sumit ShahSumit Shah Manager - Panis & Shah Associates DMCC - B.COM, CA(ICAI) & CS(ICSI). He is very proactive, result-oriented and thorough accounting professional skills. Associate Member of ICAI with various years of experience specializing in Audit, Accounts, Finance & Assurance matters. He is also a qualified Company Secretary from India. With a strong and qualified team to support him in the respective offices he is able to deliver the expectations of clients.

Sumit ShahRushabh Shah Senior Tax Associate - Panis & Shah Associates DMCC - B.COM & CA(ICAI). Having excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, he is very energetic & highly motivated towards his work. Being an associate member of ICAI, he has embodied technical & professional skills in accounts. He has an excellent hold over indirect taxations (VAT) and compliances.

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