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CCI Wallet

New way to earn Cashback when you enroll
at CCI Online Learning.

What is CCI Wallet?

CCI Wallet is a quick & handy way to earn Cashback by purchasing at CCI Online Learning or manage your cancelled order refunds. Next time you purchase a subject at CCI Online Learning, the Cashback amount earned will be directly transferred to your CCI Wallet account and avail exclusive promotions on next purchase.

What are the benefits of using CCI Wallet?

Each time you make a purchase an order at CCI Online Learning, 10% of your order amount is transferred to your CCI Wallet account and thus avail exclusive promotions on next purchase.

How do I use money present in CCI Wallet?

You can use money present in your CCI Wallet account to make purchases at CCI Online Learning. While checking out a purchase, you will see an option to redeem CCI Wallet. You would need to re-authenticate yourself for confirming the payment.

There is not enough money in CCI Wallet for purchasing a subject. What do I do?

You can use only 10% amount of a specific order available in your CCI Wallet account. Any amount left after using CCI Wallet could be paid using other payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking etc.

Is there any expiry to the money present in CCI Wallet?

The Cashback present in your CCI Wallet account doesn t expire. But, Promotional Cashback expires as per applicable offer terms.

How can I check balance present in CCI Wallet account?

Log-in to your account and select CCI Wallet tab. You would see balance and historical transactional details.

Can I transfer balance in CCI Wallet balance to any other user?

Balance from one account cannot be transferred to another.

How can I sign up for CCI Wallet?

Every registered user will have a default CCI Wallet account associated in their account. In case you are not a registered user, please register and start using CCI Wallet.

How can I put money into CCI Wallet?

No, you cannot add money to CCI Wallet. CCI Wallet can only be earned by purchasing at CCI Online Learning. Each registered user at will get 200 cashback as CCI Wallet after verifying their respective accounts. CCI Wallet can also be earned by purchases at

Can I delete CCI Wallet account?

CCI Wallet account cannot be deleted. You may choose not to use it.

How much CCI Wallet can be redeemed at a time?

You can redeem 10% of an order amount.

Will discount coupons be applicable if CCI Wallet cashback is applied?

No, you can either redeem CCI Wallet amount or discount coupons as applicable, but not both in a single purchase.

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