Its about taking small steps to achieve your big vision, Its about being humble in execution and gigantic in terms of your aspirations. Few years back we had a big vision, an aspiration to connect all the finance professionals of our country for knowledge sharing. After 16 years we are proud to say that we are a 1.5 million members family. Today its not about this big day, its about every day, week and month of last 16 years old journey to make something which can create difference in our lives.

Lets acknowledge efforts from every one and from every space and celebrate this moment with 6th CCI awards for our members.

CCI is 16 years old and "CCI Awards" have given us the opportunity to express our gratitude to each and every member of the community for believing in our efforts and participating along with 1.5 million other members of the Community.

Thanks to all CCI members !!

Keeping in tune with our annual trend, we are once again very excited to bring to you the "CCI Awards 2015". Your sincere nominations & votes would become the stepping stones to fame for many other CCI members who contributed whole-heartedly to assist other fellow finance professionals in the effervescent online world of CCI.

We invite you all to participate in an unbiased fashion and let us all see who rises to the fame becoming heroes of CCI this time.

Award's Winner

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What People say -

VERY NICE sonali jaiswal
Award for the efforts give motivation. Good initiative by CCI Eswar Reddy S
Award is a prestigious one.I thing this will improve the platform much better.. Good initiative by CCI Eswar Reddy S
Very powerful platform to share professional views and reach to larger members of the fraternity. CA Amrita Chattopadhyay
Truly, one of best online platform to bring professionals from all over India(Bharat)... Hope our Professional Family reaches all high with more members and experts.. Priya Kashyap