Celebrating 4 Lac Members, CAclubindia Presents:

As we reach the 4 lac members mark, we see a new phase, a new target, a new vision for this knowledge community and this is only possible with the support of you members. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated core team and such loyal members. We want all members to be a part of this celebration. Let's make this occasion real exciting by participating in the contests held online at CAclubindia.

Details are listed below, we want your active participation to make this a memorable event:

Step 1

Nominate the Member Profile, Expert Profile, Article, Forum Thread, File !!Every member is allowed to nominate only once in each category. So use your power with utmost caution.

  Now, how to nominate???  

Every member profile has been given a nominate button - Every member profile, every article, expert, forum thread, file has been updated with a nominate button. Kindly use the    button to nominate!! You'll only be able to nominate anything which falls within a year's time and once only. Anything above a year of posting is not eligible for nomination!!

Step 2

The Highest Nominated in each category will then receive CCI'ites Awards!! Everything online will be in a democratic manner.

  • CCI'ites 'Favourite of the Club' Award (For Favourite Member Profile)
    - An Acer Laptop
  • CCI'ites 'Most Effective Expert' Award (For Experts)
    - A Blackberry Phone
  • CCI'ites 'Technical Writing' Award (For Article writing)
    - A Blackberry Phone
  • CCI'ites 'Most Popular Downloads' Award (For Files)
    - A Video Touch Ipod
  • CCI'ites 'Most Popular Discussion' Award (For Forum Thread)
    - A Video Touch Ipod

All the above mentioned titles will be displayed below the respective awarded Member's Name. We request all the members to not use any unfair means to promote anything/anyone of their choice on the site, the whole process should just be based on talent and nothing else at all!!

Last but not the least, your co-operation and support makes us what we are today..Be with us to make this even bigger, better and brighter!!

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