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In last couple of years, the audit profession has received the attention which no other profession has received due to corporate frauds which has surfaced, the ..

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Deregulation and liberalization of Indian financial sector call for effective and crucial risk management and internal control system in the conduct of banking ..

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There have been a significant number of instances of abrupt resignation of Statutory Auditors from listed entities in recent times. In most of the cases, the st..

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The audit profession has been in news in the recent times due to various frauds reported in the corporate world. Various questions have been raised on the profe..

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This chapter holds paramount importance in today �s Corporate World. With the advent of Companies Act 2013, all companies are forced to follow

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Introduction:The purpose of the article is not on examinatio

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Section 44AB vs 44ADWhen we talk about Presumptive Taxation, then it automatically relates to Tax Audit under Income Tax Act, 1961.At student level, I have seen..

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​​​​​​​Inventory Management is the process of ordering, storing, handling, retrieving, dispatching and accounting stock.

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Developments in business, regulation, corporate governance and user expectations drive change in auditing standards and methodologies, as do changes to the cont..

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PLANNING & REQUIREMENTS Documents to gather Information / Guidelines before Audit

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