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"TIME IS MONEY" "Don't waste time or someday it'll waste you" We always got to hear Quotes like these. And If you just ended your long and stressful journey of CA Intermediate you may have ended up understanding these even better. It's Time that your exam just end..

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Q-1(a) As at 31st March, 2018, the paid-up share capital of S Ltd. is Rs. 1,00,000 divided into 10,00,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each. Of this, H Ltd. is holding 6,00,000 equity shares and 4,00,000 equity shares are held by others. Simultaneously, S Ltd. is holding 5% equity shares of H Ltd. out of..

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The student of today is the citizen of tomorrow. If you want the citizen to become responsible in his/her financial matters, it is better to start early and ensure to teach fiscal discipline to students. Students grasp things faster than their older counterparts do. Therefore, it is easy to explain ..

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How to attempt CA inter tax paper

  Biyani Sir    07 June 2019 at 13:08

Rule 1 - Don't panic: Remember that you are not required to score 90% or above (this is not CBSE exam). Even if you do not know any question or part of question, just relax. Do not panic at all. Rule 2 - Attempt all questions: Never leave any question unanswered. Attempt all questio..

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Analysis Mix of Some very new and some repeat questions Was Calculative and lengthy as compared to previous 2 attempts Mostly all questions were based on fundamental concepts Overall lengthy - but exemption was on the table Q. No Chapter ..

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.style1 { text-align: center; } • Believe in God • Keep your "josh" high - last paper of First Group ... apply full energy • Don't refer new material ... Just refer the material you have already studied • Don't panic. Don't evaluate yourself •..

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Is your life so cheap, that you end it by yourself? Come on students, 20 is such a tender age. CA is not your life, it's a part of life. The moment you realize this, you will be so relieved of all these sufferings and burden you had in your mind. CA is just any other professional degree wh..

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CA IPCC Accounts (Old Course) - Paper Analysis Being the first exam, Accounts has a relevance of its own. The nervousness of the first examination is always the highest. Also, performance in the first examination generally sets the tone for the rest of the group. CA IPCC Accounts (Old Co..

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Analysis of FR CA Final Old syllabus paper: The paper has been lengthy and compared to the previous 2 attempts has been difficult. This time ICAI asked questions in which concepts related to 2 different questions were merged together Weightage 1.  Accounting Standards, Guidance notes a..

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.style1 { text-decoration: underline; } 28th May 2019 marks the beginning of the CA IPC May 2019 exams. The date sheet of the CA IPC May 2019 exams is as follows, CA IPC Exam Date Sheet for May 2019 (Old syllabus of ICAI) Paper CA IPCC (Old..

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