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Introduction SEIS [Services Export Incentive Scheme] is one of the export incentive scheme of  DGFT in chapter 3 of Free Trade Policy 2015-20 of India. This scheme aims to incentivize service exporters of India with the objective to encourage and maximize export of notified services from Ind..

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.style1 { font-weight: bold; } INDEX 1. CLARIFICATION RELATING TO MANNER OF UTILISING ITC(Circular No. 98/2019-GST dated 23.04.2019). 3 2. RESTRICTION ON GENERATING E-WAY BILL (Notification No 22/2019-CT dated 23.04.2019). 4 3.  EXTENSION OF DUE DATE FOR FILING FORM GSTR-3B FOR T..

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Financing the daily costs of your CA firm

  Guest    17 January 2019 at 11:41

Running a CA firm successfully entails multiple recurring costs on a daily and monthly basis. Meeting these costs in itself is a challenge. Read on to know the day to day costs of running a CA firm and the ways to finance them. Rent for office Office rent forms one of the most essential portio..

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Today I'm going to show you exactly how to e-verify income tax return using pre-validation. E verification of ITR is mandatory otherwise it will be treated unfilled. Once your ITR is uploaded on the e-filing website, you get 120 days to verify your return. ITR form asks the taxpayer before..

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'Mom, the value of Rs. has increased from 65 to 69 and eventually to 72 in last1year. Instead of appreciating the Modi Government, why's everyone criticising them?', Rahul asked her mother, Sonia, curiously. Like Rahul, many of us fail to understand that when the value of rupee is inc..

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Facts of the NCLT Case: The application was filled in NCLT Chennai u/s 230-232 of Companies Act 2013 for the proposed scheme of amalgamation of M/s. Real Image LLP ('Transferor LLP’) with M/s. Qube Cinema Technologies Private Limited ('Transferee Company') as a going concern. B..

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"You don't pay taxes, Government takes them". Power to tax is an inherent sovereign power of any government but in India a limitation is made under article 265 of the Constitution of India. As per this article "No tax shall be levied or collected except by authority of law&q..

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One nation one tax law

  Sagar    03 April 2017 at 11:27

"State Tax be such which should not prove to be a burden on the subject; the King should behave like those bees which collect honey without causing harm to the tree." - Ved Vyas in his famous epic Mahabharat But in India reality is slightly different, where most of the people don't want to pay ..

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All people keep some records of their financial transactions, money receipts, payments, receivables and payables. When these transactions are recorded in chronological order and classified according to some rule or policy adopted by the business entity, it is known as accounting and required informa..

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The Key Point In The Budget 2017-18 For Calculation Of Capital Gains The Base Year is Shifted From 1981-82 To 2001-02. Now The Question Arises That On Shifting The Base Year The Tax Payers Will Have To Pay More Tax /Less Tax Or Shall Have No Effect In Terms Of Long Term Capital Gain. (This Is Wha..

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