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The tiresome and troublesome process of navigating and uploading a TDS return on the TRACES portal has been simplified by the Income Tax Department. Now the IT ..

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Sometimes we exchange assets such as immovable property and ignore the taxation aspect thinking that as there is no money transaction, no tax is applicable. Le..

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IntroductionSEIS [ Services Export Incentive Scheme] is one of the export incentive scheme of DGFT in chapter 3 of Free Trade Policy 20

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​​​​​​​Summary of circulars, notifications & ROD issued on 23rd and 24th Apr �19

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Financing the daily costs of your CA firm

  Guest    17 January 2019 at 11:41

Running a CA firm successfully entails multiple recurring costs on a daily and monthly basis.Meeting these costs in itself is a challenge. Read on to know the d..

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Today I'm going to show you exactly how to e-verify income tax return using pre-validation.E verification of ITR is mandatory otherwise it will be treated

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Mom, the value of Rs has increased from 65 to 69 and eventually to 72 in last 1 year. Instead of appreciating the Modi Government, why�s everyone cr

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Facts: Application was filled in NCLT Chennai u/s 230-232 of Companies Act 2013 for the proposed scheme of amalgamation of M/s. Real Image LLP ('Transferor

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Power to tax is an inherent sovereign power of any government but in India a limitation is made under article 265 of the Constitution of India

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One nation one tax law

  Sagar    03 April 2017 at 11:27

A bank transaction tax. A bank transaction tax is a tax levied on debit (and/or credit) entries on bank accounts.

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