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Non filing of ITRV for earlier years

Circular No 13 2016 Verification of tax returns for Assessment Years 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 2014 and 2014 2015 through EVC which are pending due to non filing of ITR V Form and p

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Proposals of the Companies Bill 2016

Proposals of the Companies Amendment Bill 2016 as introduced in the Lok Sabha on 16th March 2016 The Companies Act 2013 was enacted to improve corporate governance and to further strengthen regulation

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Registration of Companies to be done in one day

A Bill shall be introduced in the current Budget session of the Parliament in order to amend the Companies Act 2013 While presenting the General Budget 2016 17 in Lok Sabha today the Union Finance Min

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Relevant Study Material of Corporate and Allied Laws, Final course for May 2016 Examination

Important Announcement The Board of Studies have received lot of queries from students regarding the relevance of October 2014 edition of study material December 2014 edition of practice manual vis vi

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RTGS service charges for members and customers - Rationalisation

RBI 2015 16 306 DPSS CO RTGS No 1926 04 04 002 2015 16 February 4 2016 The Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officer of participants of RTGS Madam Sir RTGS service charges for members and cus

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Notice issued u/s 139(9) of i.t act, 1961

I filed my ITR 4 for A Y 15 16 for which i claimed depreciation of Rs 214000 on car with House property income and two other estimated business incomes aggregating Rs 1 00 000 under non maintenance of

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Reg defective return 139(9)

ERROR CODE 27 Error Description Assessee claiming more income U S 44AD as compared to gross receipt in ITR 4S Probable resolution For assesses claiming income chargeable under section 44AD the total g

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Notice u/s 139(9)

We have received a notice u s 139 9 and the error description is Assessee filing ITR 4S offers income from vehicle which is less than Rs 7500 per month But in actual income is shown u s 44 AD What is

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section 124 and 125 of companies Act, 2013

Does sec 124 and 125 of companies Act 2013 had been notified till 31 03 2016 or not plz can you recommend me the source where I can find list of up to date sections of the above mention act which are

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Depreciation as per companies act 2013


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Good reference book for cost final

Can anyone suggest some good books to follow for cost ca final I dont really like sanjay agarwal i need a book where i can get more sums and there is more scope for understanding practice

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Notice under section 139(9) of income tax act

I received communication from the income tax department u s139 9 How to corrrect and upload correctedXML How can I download the defected XML

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Error code 78 in trust defective return notice u/s 139(9)

one of my client is truct which has received notice u s 139 9 The return of income filed by trust is considered defective u s 139 9 The details of defect in Annexure A Error code 78 Error Descripttion

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Regarding non filing of itr for the financial year 2013-14

I have not filed my ITR for the Financial Year 2013 14 The time for belated return are also lapsed so i asked you is there any provision in the income tax to file return even if the time lapsed I want

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Did shareholder can waive their rights to receive dividend from company/is there any regulations/rules/or sections or provisions says about shareholders right to waiving under companies act 1956 or 2013 act?pls suggest me.its urgent


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  • IND AS12-Income Taxes

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting treatment for income taxes The principal issue in accounting for income taxes is how to account for the current and future tax consequences of a the future recovery settlement of the carrying amount of assets liabilities that are recognised in an entity s balance sheet and b transactions and other events of the current period that are recognised in an entity s financial statements


  • IND AS16-Property, Plant and Equipment

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting treatment for property plant and equipment so that users of the financial statements can discern information about an entity s investment in its property plant and equipment and the changes in such investment The principal issues in accounting for property plant and equipment are the recognition of the assets the determination of their carrying amounts and the depreciation charges and impairment losses to be recognised in relation to them


  • IAS 17 Lease

    The objective of this Standard is to prescribe for lessees and lessors the appropriate accounting policies and disclosure to apply in relation to leases


  • Simple Excel Salary 24Q TDS Return (Qty and Ann. 2016-17)

    Simple Salary TDS Return Excel Data entry software for 2016 17 editable and easy to understand Hope you all like it


  • Simple Annual Excel TDS Formart (Quarterwise) 2016-17

    Simple and easy way to calculate tds data for tds return who are not using any software


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No Krishi Kalyan Cess on debtors as on 13th May 2016 - Part 2

The enabling provisions for KRISHI KALYAN CESS KKC are contained in Chapter VI of Finance Act 2016 As per the provisions KKC shall be applicable at 0 5 on all taxable services and the proceeds of KKC

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Incorporation of Company as per the Companies Act, 2013

At the outset basically the details of the Director s and subscriber s are required for the incorporation of the Company However the steps for the incorporation of a company as per the Companies Act 2

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Applicability of companies act, 2013 based on limits

Sr No Provision under Companies Act 2013 Applicability of Provision Non Applicability of provision 1 XBRL General Circular No 16 2012 Dated 06 07 2014 a All companies LISTED with any Stock Exchange s

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Dividend under Companies Act, 2013

INTRODUCTION 1 Clause 35 of section 2 of the Companies Act 2013 the Act defines dividend as dividend includes any interim dividend Therefore all provisions under Chapter VIII of the Act and under the

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Name approval guidelines for companies under companies act, 2013

In old Companies Act 1956 Ministry had issued name availability guidelines by way of Companies Name Availability Rules updated in 2011 In the new Companies Act 2013 name availability guidelines for Co

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