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31st Aug is the last date for payment of CS annual membership fees

Dear Member You are well aware that the annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for theyear 2015 16 became due for payment on 1st April 2015 The last date for payment ofannual membership

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ICSI convocation for Eastern region

The Institute is organizing Convocation of Eastern Region for awarding the certificate of membership to the newly admitted Associate members from 1st October 2014to 31st March 2015 and also to award p

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Dates of convocation for new CAs

As you are aware for promoting a sense of bonhomie among members and also for bringing them closer to the Institute the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India organize Convocations for distributi

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Payment of membership fees for CS

Payment of Annual Membership and Certificate of Practice Fee for the Year 2015 16 The annual membership fee and certificate of practice fee for the year 2015 16 has become due for payment w e f 1st Ap

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Enroll as a member before 31st March to participate in CA convocations

It has been observed that some Final qualified students have not taken up membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India The recently qualified students must take membership of the Inst

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Can service tax input be claimed on wct service ?

I have purchased a contract service on which Service provider charges service tax 4 12 which is as inpur into my accounts I provide services on which I charge service tax 14 I want to know can I adjus

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Stamping on share certificates

if at the time of issue of shares company has not paid the stamp duty and now company wants to pay the stamp duty than what is the procedure to pay the stamp duty on shares

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Safta certificate

After getting iec code do we need to register in some department for getting safta certificate If so where in Delhi Where all do we need to register for exporting goods

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Solvancy certificate

Any solvancy certificate issued by CA which required By Bank

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Kerala vat wct rate

Dear sir Need to know wct rate in kerala state for work contract job egnaged in Civil Constructionjob

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Cs compliance certificate - form 66b

Hello Can anybody tell me when a Company is required to get compliance certificate in Form 66B i e what is criteria for getting compliance Certificate from Company Secretary CS waiting for a expert re

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Query regarding compliance certificate and xbrl format

Greetings to everyone I basically have two questions in my mind 1 Whether Compliance Certificate is needed to be filed for the Companies incorporate under Companies Act 2013 also if incorporated under

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Service certificate along with form108

is it necessery to receive sevice certificate FORM119 along with form108 from my principa my question is said that it is related to service certificate of article assistant so form 119 is not required

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Service certificate

my articleship ends 11th sept 2015 when service certificate is asked from principal my question is when i will take a service after articleship or not

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Company denied for tds certificate or revise tds return

Dear Adviser I get paid for earned commission with deduction of TDS 20 Due to not updated PAN in Company Records I already updated PAN in company in August15 The company not providing TDS Certificate

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  • Some Information about GSP Certification from EI Agency Delhi



  • Provisions relating to issue of certificate of practice

    8 Provisions relating to issue of certificate of practice Appendix 8


  • FAQs on Pass Certificates

    FAQs on Pass Certificates


  • Form No. FC-5 for Renewal

    form No FC 5 for Renewal of foreign Certificate


  • Certificates to be obtained from Client for Audit

    Appointment Letter Letter of Engagement and other important declarations to be obtained from the client for Audit


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MVAT - TDS on Work Contract (WCT TDS)

Meaning ofwork Contract A works contract is an agreement which is a mixture ofservice orlabour andtransferof goods Under a works contractthe contractoragrees to do certain job in execution whereof cer

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Share Certificate

ABOUT SHARES Shares As per Section 2 84 of Companies Act 2013 Share means Share in the share capital of a Company and Include stocks Share or Debentures are movable property transferable in Manner pro

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Stamp duty on issue of share certificates

BACKROUND As per Section 3 of Indian Stamps Act 1899 Every Share Certificate must bear the necessary stamp duty as per the Stamp Act of the respective State Union Territory from which Certificate is i

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Start ups beware: Do apply for commencement certificate

Imagine a scenario where you start a business you do a lot of hardwork and you built a very useful product website or app and VentureCapitalist like your product and they wanted to invest into your bu

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Evolution of WCT

EVOLUTION OF WORKS CONTRACT TAX WCT BACKGROUND This article is basically written to give you understanding of evolution of works contract tax in India and its entire journey from beginning till date B

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