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WCT certificate


Certificates will be issued to individual taxpayers

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes Sub Finance Minister conveys Governments Appreciation to tax payers for their contribution towards Nation building The Government acknowledges the contribution of individual tax payers in paying taxes within

Group formed to finalise format of fit and proper CA firm certificate

ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL Madam Dear Sir The Management Committee at its 12th Adjourned meeting held on 7th August 2016 while considering Item No 5 Issuance of Fit and Proper Certificate sought by CA Firms similar to Good standing Certificate being issued to the members has constituted a Group for

New application process to fast track the allotment of PAN and TAN

For fast tracking the allotment of PAN and TAN to company applicants Digital Signature Certificate DSC based application procedure has been introduced on the portals of PAN service providers M s NSDL eGov and M s UTIITSL Under the new process PAN and TAN will be allotted within one day after complet

ICAI convocation for newly qualified CA

In order to promote a sense of comradeship among members and for bringing them closer to the Institute the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI organize Convocations for distributing certificates to the newly qualified members In fact this is an occasion to mark the entry of the new memb

Extension of time for CEP Credit Hours for renewal of COP

Dear Members As you are aware that in case of members holding Certificate Of Practice COP as per the Guidelines for Mandatory Training for all Members of The Institute under Continuing Education Programme it is mandatory to undergo minimum mandatory training of 15 hours per year commencing from 1st

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Format for noc certificate for transfer of articleship

please anyone provide me the format for NOC Certificate for transfer of articleship

Stamp duty on issue of share certificate

Dear all Pls let me know what is the rate of stamp duty on issue of share certificate in Madhya Pradesh and what is the procedure I

Ca certificate for deposit of service tax

Sir One of our vender is demanding to produce certificate from CA stating the fact that we have paid service tax amount to govt within time I want to clear that is there any legal requirement to produce CA certificate to party for getting due amount Please let me know Thanks

Certificate of practice

Hi I completed ICWA in June 2016 I am currently employed full time with a college and work as Assistant Professor As i get a good amount of spare time I also want to start my own practice As per the rule I cannot practice when I am employed full time Please let me know if there is any special provis

ca final along with atc certificate allowed or not?

I am currently in 2nd year of my articleship have registered for Ca final also ive simultaneously registered for atc certificate I had a query whether now i give my ca final or not As when i applied for atc i was told it is just an additional certificate you can proceed with your ca final exams Plea


Rbi cancels certificate of registration of 2 nbfcs

RBI UPDATE RBI cancels Certificate of Registration of 2 NBFCs The Reserve Bank of India RBI has cancelled the certificate of registration of the following NBFCsin exercise of the powers conferred on it under Section 45 IA 6 of the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934 Sr No Name of the Company Office Addre

Course information on Certificate Course and Advanced Professional Course in Competition Law

Course information on Certificate Course and Advanced Professional Course in Competition Law PFA the enclosed file to know more in details

Tds certificate in physical form

I am deducting the TDS on Commission Expenditure from a Party which is Goverment owned I am depositing the amount so deducted in Central Government account online and also filing quarterly returns On stipulated dates I am downloading the Forms 16A from the Income Tax Website named TRACES duly signed

Vat declaration certificate format


IEC modified but did not receive certificate? what can i do?

Few month ago I applied for IEC Modification My IEC is modified but as you know Now I don t have a IEC Certificate since original was sent with modification form to DGFT IEC Department How can I get IEC certificate without applying for duplicate copy Thanks

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  • Enlistment under Appendix 2E

    M s The All India Plastic Manufacturers Association AIPMA Export Inspection Council Chennai Head Office S O Nellore and EEPC India Kolkatta are enlisted under Appendix 2E of FTP 2015 2020 for issuing Certificate of Origin Non Preferential
  • Textiles Committee to issue Certificate of Origin

    Appendix 2 B List of Agencies Authorized to Issue Certificate of Origin COO Preferential has been revised to include Textile Committee for issuing COO under 11 Free Preferential Trade Agreements
  • De listing of M/s Trans Border Safety Control Inspection USA

    M s Trans Border Safety Control Inspection Services LLC USA was de listed from Appendix 2G for issuing pre shipment inspection certificate
  • Pre-shipment Inspection

    M s Melt Enterprises Ltd UK is recognized for issuing pre shipment inspection certificates for a period 3 years as per provisions of Para 2 55 e HBP of FTP 2015 20
  • Free Sale and Commerce Certificate

    Classification on free sale and commerce certificate for export of items not covered under Drugs Cosmetics Act 1940

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MVAT - TDS on Work Contract (WCT TDS)

Meaning ofwork Contract A works contract is an agreement which is a mixture ofservice orlabour andtransferof goods Under a works contractthe contractoragrees to do certain job in execution whereof certain goods are transferred to the contractee Thus an agreement of buildingconstruction manufacture p

Share Certificate

ABOUT SHARES Shares As per Section 2 84 of Companies Act 2013 Share means Share in the share capital of a Company and Include stocks Share or Debentures are movable property transferable in Manner provided in the AOA of Company Sec 44 i Authorized Share Capital ii Issued Shared Capital iii Subscribe

Stamp duty on issue of share certificates

BACKROUND As per Section 3 of Indian Stamps Act 1899 Every Share Certificate must bear the necessary stamp duty as per the Stamp Act of the respective State Union Territory from which Certificate is issued The rates of stamp duty can be obtained with reference to relevant article of given State Act

Start ups beware: Do apply for commencement certificate

Imagine a scenario where you start a business you do a lot of hardwork and you built a very useful product website or app and VentureCapitalist like your product and they wanted to invest into your business You already own a company so they are ready to invest into the existingcompany All things wer

Evolution of WCT

EVOLUTION OF WORKS CONTRACT TAX WCT BACKGROUND This article is basically written to give you understanding of evolution of works contract tax in India and its entire journey from beginning till date Before I take you into the mid of ocean we have to first understand that why the need arises of intro

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