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vat return due dates


Zone-shifting of Candidates for 16th June-2013 CPT

Due to paucity of accommodation in some Zones opted by the candidates in the cities of Chennai Indore and Mumbai some of the candidates have been allotted examinations centres in the zone other than t

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Government urges all tax Payers to Disclose their True income and pay Appropriate taxes within the Current Financial Year

A Compliance Management Cell has been set up to Ensure Follow up Action and Track Return Filing and Tax Payment of the Target Segment 70 000 Letters are being sent in 2 Batches to High Priority Cases

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Exposure Draft: Regulatory Deferral Accounts-(Last date for sending comments: July 31, 2013)

The International Accounting Standards Board IASB published for public comment the Exposure Draft Regulatory Deferral Accounts as part of its reactivated Rate regulated Activities research project Man

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Change in Centres for some Candidates in Kolkata, Udaipur and Vijayawada for 24 May 2013 Exam

Change in venue for Paper 7 Information Technology and Strategic Management of Intermediate IPC Examination May 2013 to be held on 24th May 2013 in some candidates in Kolkata Udaipur and Vijayawada Du

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Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Rules, 2013

Rules regarding the form and manner of declaration form and manner of acknowledgement of declaration manner of payment of tax dues and form and manner of issuing acknowledgement of discharge of tax du

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Hi Please let me know the VAT Concept for Exam Preparation required notes Thanks Shash

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Cenvat on works contract

Understanding Rule 2A of Service Tax Determination of Value Rules 2006 In this Rule 2A there is Explanation 2 to Sub Rule ii which says that works contract service provider shall not take CENVAT credi

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We Cannot learn Without Pain Dpk

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What will be applicable service tax or vat or both ?

A tea trader also carries on a tea packing business The trader packs tea under the brand name of the customer The trader supplies his own tea however the packing materials is provided by the customer

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Non filing it return

This is question that income tax dept send notice for nonfiling of income tax return for the a y 2011 12 but that assessee couldnt file the return by 31 march 2013 what kind of action shall be taken b

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  • Motivation

    Motivation For CA Student


  • Amnesty Scheme - 2013

    Scheme brought up by the CBEC for service tax defaulters to waive of interest and penalty on tax due but not paid by the assesses Find along with VCES 1 decleration form in pdf


  • GVAT VAT-CST Returns E-Filing Due Dates

    2013 14 Due Date Calenear


  • Due Date Chart 2013-14

    Due Date Chart 2013 14


  • VAT Chart

    VAT Chart to be used while making Form 26 26A


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Ap vat on open land lease

dear sir madam A company open land given to X company on lease for 10 years land is used for roads parking owen vehicles only there was no construction activity etc is it applicable APVAT thanks Balu

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Filing return of co. having no income or expense i.e no p&l

I have filed an Income tax Return u s 139 1 of a Domestic Co having no income or expense items i e No Profit loss statement is prepared Now i came across with a Notice u s 139 9 for defective filing w

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Cenvat refund

Dear sir We have to receive Excise refund of Rs 1 60 lacs Out of which they have transferred Rs 1 00 lacs only Balance they are saying it is Cenvat Credit We are only exporting medicines There is no s

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Related to submission of return

From assessment year 2008 9 an assesse deposited his tax amount on time but not submitted his return If an assesse liable for any penalty and interest

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Query related to e filing of it return

Dear Sir I want to know that if I file IT return of a assessee of one year online then is it mandatory to file all subsequent years IT returns of the same assessee online or I can file return manually

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Haryana VAT Circular - For Builders and Developers

Recently Haryana VAT department has released a circular which might be of interest to the developers builders across the state and conducting operations in Haryana The Circular is No 152 ST 1 dated 7t

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RULE 3 (5B) of the CCR - Write-off or 'Provision to write-off' versus Cenvat Reversals, Analysis

We refer to Sub rule 5B of Rule 3 of the CCR states that if the value of any i input or ii capital goods before being put to use on which CENVAT credit is taken is written off fully or partially or wh

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Service Tax Return (ST-3)-Viewing, Revising and Late Filing

Service Tax Return ST 3 Viewing Revising and Late Filing Service Tax Returns ST 3 for the period July Sept 2012 e filed in ACES can now be viewed by the Assesses under View Original ST3 View ST3 optio

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Inclusion of Transporters Details in TDS Returns are mandatory

As per Income tax act 194C TDS is not required to be deducted on payments made to transporter If PAN number has been provided to the deductor Further as per Section 197 of Income tax act Assessing off

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Changes in Tax Returns filing norms - from F.Y. 2012-13

W E F from F Y 2012 13 following persons have tofilereturns electronically Vide Notification No 34 2013 dated 01 05 2013 1 Every person not being a company or person filing ITR 7 if Total Income is ab

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