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MCA constitutes National Company Law Tribunal

Ministry of Corporate Affairs issues notification for constitution of the National Company Law Tribunal NCLT and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal NCLAT Honble Justice S J Mukhopadhaya Judge Ret

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The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 to open from 1st June 2016

The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 incorporated as Chapter IX of the Finance Act 2016 provides an opportunity to all persons who have not declared income correctly in earlier years to come forward and

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Feedback of students on the Question paper of CA exams

It is hereby informed that candidates can bring to the notice of the Examination Department their observations if any on the question papers relating to CA Examinations being held in May 2016 by e mai

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CSR Spends on Swachh Bharat CESS

As per Union Budget 2016 2017 the estimated amount to be collected from Swachh Bharat Cess during the year 2016 17 is10 000 crores However there is no proposal of the Government to mandate Corporates

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Applicability of Accounting Standards amended by MCA

Applicability of Accounting Standards amended by MCA vide Notification dated March 30 2016 1 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India vide Notification No G S R 739 E dated 7th December 2

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Vat/cst registration

Hello I want to know New Current Vat Cst Registration Procedure Document Required for Registration

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what's the rate of kerala LT in june july months ?

is any changes in Luxury Tax rate in kerala in june to auguest why its change whats the new rate

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Request for vat registration procedure

hi sir will u please provide the registration procedure for vat and payment and filling of return thanks and regard

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Vat on service tax?? is it legal?

Hi Can you please tell me a case where VAT on service tax is been charged I have been charged the VAT on Service Tax by Zomato on an order made by me I even don t know at what rate

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Vat in rajasthan over food items sold in restaurant

Is the VAT in restaurants applicable on only the rate of the food item or it is also applicable over rate plus Service Tax paid of the particular food item For example I had dosa in a restaurant whose

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Filing form dvat-07 online

While trying to file FORM DVAT 07 for addition of branch in the registration when I try to submit the application following error appears INCORRECT WARD I don t understand it I selected no ward in the

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Strategic management and service tax notes

Strategic Management and Service Tax notes for Exam preparation Hope This helps

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Excise and vat calculation at the same time

dear sir i have a query sale bill include a excise and vat what should i avail output in the bill so can i excise take excise output

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Dvat abbrevation

Can anyone please tell me what does AN AE BF PUC stand for in DVAT returns

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Can private limited company become designated partner in llp

Hello Lets assume there are 2 legal entities one is a Private Limited Company named ABC Pvt Ltd and the other is a LLP named XYZ LLP Can ABC Pvt Ltd become a designated partner with 90 holding in XYZ

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  • Service Tax in case of reverse charge W.E.F 01.06.2016



  • MVAT Annexure_2016

    A Simple TDL Solution to run with Tally ERP 9 which generate New MVAT Sales and Purchase Annexures in Minutes Very Simple to Use


  • Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2016

    Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Amendment Rules 2016


  • Solved paper of Corporate & Allied Laws for CA Final - May 2016

    Solved paper of Corporate Allied Laws for CA Final May 2016


  • Free Excise Invoice with Master

    Free Excise Invoice utility with Party Master You can pickup Party name from dropdown box To edit press F2 Customization can be chargeable To edit Taxrate from rightside table pw is cform Any suggestion to improve invoice are welcome Exshail Software


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Rates of service tax in case of Reverse Charge w.e.f. 01.06.2016

Service Tax under reverse Charge On or After 01 06 2016 Sl No Service Abatement if any Effective ST Rate including SWC KKC payable by service provider payable by service recipient ST Rate for Service

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Solved paper of Corporate & Allied Laws for CA Final May 2016

Question 1 a Explain the law laid down under the Companies Act 2013 in respect of filing of annual financial statements with Registrar of companies In the following two situations who is liable for th

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ST - Interest rates changed again !

There are two provisions under Finance Act 1994 dealing with interest on delayed payment as given below adsbygoogle window adsbygoogle push Sl No Situation Section No 1 Amount collected as service tax

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KVAT: Settling the dust on the Input Tax issue

The Value Added System of Taxation of Goods was introduced in order to address the issue of multiplicity of taxes and cascading effect of such taxes in the transaction chain In the erstwhile single po

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Effective Rate of Service Tax under Abatement, Reverse Charge and Valuation Rules after introduction of KKC

Pursuing with an objective to finance and promote initiatives to improve agriculture and farmer welfare the Government has announced a new cess namely Krishi Kalyan Cess KKC to be levied at 0 5 on the

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