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Interest rate cut in PPF and KVP by 0.10 percent in this quarter

Interest rate cut for long term saving schemes The interest rates of Public Provident Fund PPF Kisan Vikas Patra KVP Senior Citizens Savings Scheme 2004 and Sukanya Samriddhi Account the Girl Child Scheme were reduced by 0 10 percentage point for the quarter 01 10 2016 to 31 12 2016 and not 0 10 per

Cash withdrawal restriction removed of deposit made in legal tender on or after November 29, 2016

RBI 2016 17 163 DCM No 1437 10 27 00 2016 17 November 28 2016 The Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officer Public Sector Banks Private Sector Banks Foreign Banks Regional Rural Banks Urban Cooperative Banks State Cooperative Banks District Central Cooperative Banks Dear Sir Withdrawal of c

Withdrawal upto Rs 50000 allowed from OD and CC account

RBI 2016 17 142 DCM Plg No 1317 10 27 00 2016 17 November 21 2016 The Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officer Public Sector Banks Private Sector Banks Foreign Banks Regional Rural Banks Urban Co operative Banks State Co operative Banks District Central Cooperative Banks Dear Sir Withdrawa

Conditions for withdrawing Rs 2.5 lac for wedding celebration from bank

RBI 2016 17 145 DCM Plg No 1320 10 27 00 2016 17 November 21 2016 The Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officer Public Sector Banks Private Sector Banks Private Sector Banks Foreign Banks Regional Rural Banks Urban Co operative Banks State Co operative Banks Dear Sir Withdrawal of Legal Ten

Transactions in relation to which quoting PAN is Mandatory

The Income Tax Department prescribes a list of transactions for which quoting of Permanent Account Number PAN is mandatory These are listed in Rule 114B of the Income Tax Rules 1962 which were first inserted with effect from 1st November 1998 and have been amended from time to time The list under Ru

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GST enrolments and VAT registration certificate

Hey Our client had misplaced VAT registration certification and we need it as if now for GST enrolments so what should we do now Plz answer fast as today is last date Thanks in advance

Rajasthan vat address proof of shop

What document we require for registration in Rajasthan VAT if property shop is in name of Father of proprietor

Vat rate in haryana

dear sir madam please tell me the rate of vat on wallpaper and needle felt fabric in haryana


FD in Favour of And Duration of FD

Vat rate on lubricant oil for machinery



Annual report of listed company

I m shareholder of following co and i didt received annual report in phycial form the indian wood products co ltd the new great eastern spinning and weaving company limited This company are listed in stock exchages other then BSE and NSE like calcutta stock exchage CSE I want annaul report for the y

Cenvat credit of special cvd

Dear experts We are dealers in plastic raw material While importing we pay additional duty 019 2006 customs of four percent u s3 5 of customs tarriff act While this material is re sold to local manufacturer on payment of VAT we transfer the said special CVD 4 duty to customers along with Countervail

Close the private company

I have one private company We have pan card and cin number from roc I have no bank account and not any taxation registration number I want to close my this company What is procedure

Vat return under composite scheme

One of my client is under composite scheme in restaurant business Under new vat return is it compulsory to still give invoice wise details or it is alright if i give only the main details as there are 1000s of invoices generated in a day So he has just given me daywise sales report Regards Vishal


i am registered dealer in gujarat and purchasing with in gujarat and exporting goods to USA how should i report this in my VAT return

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Draft integrated goods & services law, 2016

On 25 11 2016 Central Board of Excise and Custom has issued DRAFT IGST LAW IGST Law contains Eleven Chapters and 24 Sections 1 Inter State supply of goods and or services As per Section 3 Inter State Supply of goods or services means any supply where the location of the supplier and the place of sup

Tax Exemptions - A tool to generate black money & corruption

Dear professional friends In view of tax reforms under process through GST Companies Act 2013 demonetization and Income Tax provisions under review to curb black money and corruption in general I can say that Objective of Govt is good and will prove its worth in due course but some basic change in t

Inflation and it's impact on exchange rate and returns

If we go to see 3 or 4 topics around which Finance or Economy revolves inflation is one of them It is such a topic which has an impact on each and everyone starting from a person in a village to Multinational Companies Inflation affects normal public due to increased cost of living and remuneration

A separate income tax legislation is needed for corporates and individuals

The preamble to the Constitution of India states that people collectively made India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC The Indian constitution recognises the supremacy of law above the government The constitutional values reside in elevation of individual above the state and ele

Corporate Social Responsibility Under Companies Act 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR under the Companies Act 2013 the Act Successful people have a social responsibility to makethe world a better place and not just take from it Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility CSR also called corporate Conscience Corporate Citizenship or Responsible bus

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