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Clarification on repayment of deposit u/s 74

Clarification on repayment of deposits accepted by the companies before the commencement of the Companies Act 2013 under section 74 of the said Act Please refer to the attached file for details

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ICAI on ease of doing business in India

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued a notification to give exemptions to private companies under the Companies Act to improve ease of doing business in India ICAI is happy that the Government

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ICAI - President's Message - June 2015

Dear Friends Change is inevitable and is the only thing that is constant But it is the sheer pace of change that makes it a big challenge in the present hi tech era of liberalisation privatisation and

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Extension of Amnesty scheme 2014 upto 15th May for members


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Feedback on May 2015 question papers

Observations of the candidates on the question papers of CA examinations May 2015 It is hereby informed that candidates can bring to the notice of the Examination Department their observations if any

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Payment of consulatncy charges

Dear All In respect of Partnership firm run by doctors and they are working partners whether the firm can pay consultancy charges in addition to partners salary and if payable whether TDS is applicabl

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Interest on late payment of tds

Interest on Late payment of Income Tax is not allowable expenditure since it is nature of personal tax which is inadmissible But whether Interest on Late payment of TDS is also inadmissible although i

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Payment of professional tax

my client Pvt Ltd Company was liable to get registered under professional tax before 2 years but he has not registered now he wants to register what will be the penalty and tax liability what procedur

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Tds on payment of visa fees to foreign government

We have to pay Visa other fees to a 100 owned company of Saudi Arabia Government 1 Is TDS applicable on payment to foreign Government 2 Is TDS applicable on Visa other Fees

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Dvat ( intrest /late fees

Hi I have not submited our sale tax return 4th quarter 14 15 Last date of submission is 29 May 2015 How to calculate Intrest on Dvat and CSt

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Work contracts under karnataka vat

Dear Members A compnay is registered under section 22 of karnataka VAT 2003 The main business of the company is Work contract If the company has to raise the invoice what will be thepercentage of VAT

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Dvat penalty

Do i need to pay seperate penalties for both DVAT and CST return for Quarter ending 31 03 2015 What is the total amount of penalty i need to pay Also if the return DVAT and CST is nill do i need to pa

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Tds payment correction

Hello All The question is we have deducted tax u s 94C u s 94I but at the time of payment the entire amount is paid u s 94C Please give the steps to correct this and whether any interest is payable or

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Cenvat credit available or not on work contract

whether we can avail credit of service tax paid under reverse charge machnisam for Painting chargesin a works contract service after taking abatement of 60 i e service tax will be applicable on 40 val

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Shoul i pay vat or cst?

Hi We sell via online portals e commerce So we have to pay the VAT or CST our most of the orders come from other states Please provide some info regarding this Thank you

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  • CA final Law paper 1-3 Chapters Short notes

    Selected Notified Defonitions Under The Companies Act 2013 Chapter 1 Declaration and Payment of Dividend 2 Accounts and Audit 3 Appointment and Qualifications of the Directors


  • Entry tax




    AM Attaching this file for getting complete information from client regarding VAT in a easy manner with my own experience


  • UP VAT Important Notes



  • MVAT Activity code

    mvat activity code


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Master your ability to self-motivate

Self motivation is the inherent force that will get us through the daily grind The textbook definition of motivation would be the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way Motivation i

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Exemptions to private limited companies under Co. Act, 2013

In light of continuous representations being given to the government by Chartered Accountants Trade Associations and Industry seeking relaxation in certain provisions of the The Companies Act 2013 app

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Exemptions & relaxations to private companies

The Ministry of corporate Affairs has released the much awaited exemptions for Private Companies Government Companies Nidhi Companies and Companies registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013

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Exemption to private limited company

Dear Professionals MCA u s 462 passed exemption for Private Companies under Companies Act 2013Provisions of companies act 2013 given below will not apply or shall apply with suchexceptions modificatio

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Rephasement of repayment schedule vs. area of fraud

All of us are known to Concurrent Audit of Banks The one of the key area of Concurrent Audit is to verify the correctness and to report the matters relating to Loans Advances Every Bank Official and H

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