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More than 10 million downloads of BHIM app in 10 days

PM delighted over 10 million downloads of BHIM App in 10 days The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has expressed delight over 10 million downloads of BHIM App in a span of 10 days Delighted to know that in a span of 10 days there have been over 10 million downloads of the BHIM App BHIM App has made

Cash withdrawal limit from ATM increased to Rs 4500 daily

RBI 2016 17 204 DCM Plg No 2142 10 27 00 2016 17 The Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officer Public Sector Banks Private Sector Banks Foreign Banks Regional Rural Banks Urban Cooperative Banks State Cooperative Banks District central Cooperative Banks Dear Sir Cash withdrawal from ATMs En

RBI withdraws Rs 5000 circular

RBI 2016 17 189 DCM Plg No 1859 10 27 00 2016 17 December 19 2016 The Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officer Public Sector Banks Private Sector Banks Foreign Banks Regional Rural Banks Urban Cooperative Banks State Cooperative Banks Dear Sir Withdrawal of Legal Tender Character of existi

RBI directs banks to maintain CCTV recordings of operations at bank branches

RBI 2016 17 181 DCM Plg No 1712 10 27 00 2016 17 December 13 2016 The Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officers All Banks Dear Sir Preservation of CCTV recordings Please refer to paragraph 5 of ourcircular DCM FNVD No 1134 16 01 05 2016 17 dated October 27 2016wherein it was stated that in

Innovative Methods of Laundering and Transportation of Cash found by Income tax department

Income Tax Sleuths Unearth Innovative Methods of Laundering and Transportation of Cash at Mumbai Nagpur and Ahmedabad Income tax investigations atMumbailed to the revelation of a syndicate of ground level operators active in converting banned currency notes into legal tenders for a commission As par

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Vat credit

Dear sir We are a partnership firm and register under restaurant composition scheme of MVAT now we are starting new activity of scrap trading in the same name reg no but on other place regarding input credit of MVAT can we take credit of purchase in newly started activity of scrap sale Regards Vaibh

Share holder in a private limited company

Hi A newly incorporated private limited company can issue shares to 200 shareholders maximum in a single financial year

Service tax and vat

Hello Sir Madam Sir is there any composition scheme for advertising agency As we are an advertising agency dealing in Design manufacturing and printing for which service tax is applicable As well as we supply material on which VAt is applicable

Tds on office renovation expenses

whether TDS need to be deducted on office renovation expenses

what is compulsory or voluntary in sales tax (vat)

what is compulsory or voluntary in sales tax vat please fully example


Mvat registration.

Hi i have completed all formalities for sales tax online registration with MSTD website but at the time of loging in to site for checking Registration status i am getting error message that The User is Locked can anyone tell me about what can be the reason

Derivatives urgent !!! doubt

What does the term Short Sell mean from the following 1 Holder of Call Option 2 Writer Of Call option 3 Holder of Put Option 4 Writer Of Put Option Please reply its urgent

Vat return

We are Monsoon Shed Builder in one transaction we are sub contractor with Seimens who has undertaken liability to pay VAT they will provide us Form 426 In filling VAT return under MVAT Act my sales annexure include sub contract bill also suitable transaction code is selected but Form 233 generated b

Details of upvat online return

please tell me how can fill upvat return online also tell me what meaning of annexure A b c definition

Set off of mvat

Dear members a partnership firm manufacturing industry who has made purchases of material for construction of new factory building capital asset and paid mvat on it i want to know if he can claim set off of the same or is there some retention of vat if yes then please tell me the percentage of it if

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Ease given to filing old Mvat returns

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna the festival of Makar Sankranti has arrived Small children are in rush and excited to fly kites Even government is trying to fly the kite of GST But before that the Maharashtra Sales tax department has brought circular for flying kite of old not submitted VAT retur

Public-Private Arrangements or Service Concession Arrangements - IND AS/IFRS

Public related many activities services around the world are being given to private entities to build and operate and after certain point of time depending upon the contractual arrangements between the parties it is being handed over back to the entity generally known as Grantor who initially reques

Admissibility of Cenvat credit without Registration

When there is lack of clarity in any subject matter there is bound to be confusion This statement is more so applicable when one is dealing with a Tax Statute Across the time each law matures and litigation reduces However the litigation regarding availment of Cenvat credit of tax paid before regist

Odisha VAT Provisions - A study for construction and real estate sector

Introduction The issue of taxability of works contracts under VAT and Service Tax is something which has confronted assessee leading to frequent referrals to Courts over the years While the issue of taxability under Sales Tax has led to referrals over the last 50 years or so the issue with regard to

How to Migrate from Delhi VAT to GST Number online

Finally the time came we all are waiting for Yes GST registration migration portal is open from 16 Dec 2016 As we observed that the process is a bit complicated and lengthy if compared with local Sales Tax or VAT registration Dont worry we are here to make it simple for you This blog is sufficient t

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