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Upvat on construction contract

Can anyone tell me how UP VAT is charged for construction contract and Developer liability if any for that Thanks in advance

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Dvat and upvat on books

what is the rate of dvat and up vat on different types of books printed and sale

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Stock transfer in case of upvat

Dear Experts We are a company working in Delhi We started our another retail business in delhi Earlier we made purchase and do not obtained any TIN No Now we have opened our warehouse in NOIDA and tra

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How to surrender upvat registration online

Dear Experet Kindly let me know how to surrender UPVAT Registration online Thanks

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Form24c of upvat

can someone explain how to fill form 24c of upvat

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Turnover for registr ation under upvat

Dear All I need your help to suggest someone for registration under UPVAT A Mobile shop is run by my friend where he sells mobiles and other items What turnover should be to get registered under UPVAT

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Will any one inform me what is the procedure to file annual case under upvat and why it is needed with any exemption thereof thanks

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Upvat annual return

Dear All i have to file Upvat Annual Return please help me about upvat annual return

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Form 39 upvat

Please tell me the procedure for obtaining form 39 under UPVAT and how to use it

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Form 38 in upvat

Dear All i issued a form 38 to a vendor to supply some material to our plant But by mistake he filled some wrong vehicle no on the form 38 Then we are able to cancel the particular form 38 or vendor i

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    UPVAT e return filing Guideline


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