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Empanelment of CA Firms with CAG for 2016-17

OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR GENERAL OF INDIA 9 DEEN DAYAL UPADHYAYA MARG NEW DELHI 110124 Empanelment of Chartered Accountant firms LLPs for the year 2016 2017 Online Applications are invite

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ICAI president meets minister to discuss issues in appointment of stat auditors for public sector banks

CA Manoj Fadnis President ICAI and CA Anuj Goel Member Central Council Chairman Professional Development Committee met and represented beforeHonble Minister of State for Finance Shri Jayant Sinhaon 6t

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Finally tax audit return due date extended for whole country to 31st October

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 1st October 2015 Subject Extension of date for filing of Income tax returns and tax audit reports

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Circulation of Fake order for extension of due date : CBDT

Circulation of Fake order for extension of due date for filing of Audit report and return of Income for Assessment Year 2015 16

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Empanelment of CA/ICWA for Audit of Service Tax Assessees

Empanelment of CA ICWA for Audit of Service Tax Assessees Please refer to the enclosed attachment

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Sap internal. audit

I am new to internal audit in sap can somebody guide me on that thanks

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As per SA 505 we should take ex party confirmation of transaction and balances If ex party confirmation are not received or are not matched with our clients books of accounts then we should specify in

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Audit report for nbfc fy 2013-14

Can anyone send me the template of NBFC Audit report for the AY 2014 15

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Mvat audit

Dear Expert doing Audit of one company they have revised the return of April month for some minor diff and as per act now it cannot be revised it can be revised after Audit My query is that whether I

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Vat audit

Whether the purchase is included in the defition of turnover limit under tnvat audit or not

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Secretarial auditor u/s 92(2)

Hii Friends Is there any procedure for appointment of Secretarial Auditor u s 92 2 The comprehensive reading of section 117 179 and rule 8 gives impression that the appointment of secretarial auditor

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Ca final law and audit books

I have my exams in may 17 and will do self study from munish bhandari and surbhi bansal for law and sudit respectively Around when can one expect to find these books in the market

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Vat audit 2014-15

State wise VAT AUDIT FY 2014 15 due date for filing with the CTO Dept

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Audit of society registered at delhi

A Society registered at Delhi can get audit their books of account from any CA in India or there is any penal of delhi

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Cost audit applicability to hospitals

Hi Could you please explain me about the applicability of Cost Audit to the companies engaged in Running Hospitals

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  • CARO 2015 (Quick Learning File)

    All the Provisions of CARO 2015 are being presented in a Tabular Form with short heading for each provision Download to Memorize the entire CARO 2015 in Short time


  • Government Audit

    C majority of at least 2 3rd of the members To hold office for a term of six years or up to the age of 65 years Powers and Duties As prescribed under the C AG Duties Powers Conditions of Service Act 1971 Maintenance of Accounts as prescribed by the president based on C AG s advice Submission of Reports To President Governor and placed in Parliament State Legislature


  • Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules,2014

    Diagrammatic presentation of applicability of cost records and cost audit to industry and formats for cost audit report Also specify what cost records to be maintained


  • Empanelment of stock auditors- Indian Overseas Bank

    stock auditors empanelment iob


  • Stock Audit Report Format - Union Bank of India

    Stock Audit Report Format Union Bank of India


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Auditor's role in handling big data

BIG DATA ROLE OF AUDITOR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The audit profession has gone through many changes from time to time from review of the financial figures to shifting the focus to risk assessment and intern

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Government Audit

Issue Key Points to Remember CAG Appointed by President of India Remuneration equivalent to Supreme Court Judge Removal by House of Parliament majority of at least 2 3rd of the members To hold office

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Appointment of auditor in case of non-ratification of auditor

Provision of Ratification of Auditor First Provision of 139 1 Act Language The Company shall place the matter relating to such appointment for Ratification by members at every Annual General Meeting R

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Joint Auditors (SA 299)

SA 299 Responsibilities of Joint Auditors Effective from April 1 1996 Joint Auditors Practice of appointing more than one auditor to conduct the audit of large entities Such auditors known as Joint Au

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Appointment of auditor in case of casual vacancy

REASONS FOR CASUAL VACANCY There are two reasons of Casual Vacancy of Auditor I Casual Vacancy due to reason other than Resignation of Auditor II Casual Vacancy because of Resignation of Auditor Secti

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