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FAQ on the Income Declaration Scheme, 2016

Circular No 17 of 2016 F No 142 8 2016 TPL Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes TPL Division Dated 20th of May 2016 Clarifications on the Income

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The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 to open from 1st June 2016

The Income Declaration Scheme 2016 incorporated as Chapter IX of the Finance Act 2016 provides an opportunity to all persons who have not declared income correctly in earlier years to come forward and

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Preparation of Panel of CA and Firms having experience for Forensic Auditing

Central Bureau of Investigation CBI has sought the help of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for investigation of important Forensic Audit assignments Chartered Accountants firms having

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Declaration of Assets & Liabilities in the new ITR forms

Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT have released new income tax return formswith mandatory provisions of declaring Assets Liabilities AL such as cars jewellery yacht aircrafts shares properties etc Pr

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Steps to give relief to small taxpayers and to the small business and professionals

Revenue Department takes various measures to boost up growth and employment generation Steps to give relief to the small tax payers and to the small business and professionals The Revenue Department o

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Sir hmare pass 3 loading pickup hai jinhe hmne dairy pr lga rakha hai Jisme hm saras or lotus dairy ke main booth se doodh load krke retailers dairy walo ko dete hai iske bdle me main dairy booth walo

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Service tax on calibration

We imported and sold an optical power meter to a customer Now we plan to send the meter to the overseas manufacturer for calibration and import back Now in our bill for the calibration charges should

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Vat registration

Can one pan have more than one vat registration in same state but different business name Address can be same or should it be diifetent than that of current vat registration

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Regarding registration income tax deptt.

sir thanks in advance one of my client s brother given his pan number to a advocate and he was make it registered with income tax deptt site but couldn t link activate Now that advocate is no more and

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Tin registration

Help required I hv applied for TIN under KVAT bangalore Shop rental agreement has been made by padmanvathi but the electricity bill is in the name of rukmini devi Rukmini devi is mother in law of padm

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Service tax registration

how to revise ST1 form online

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Filling of address for service tax registration through online

When I applying the service tax registration in aces Always dialog box allowed special character are not allowed in address of applicant my firm address MIG 1B 9 sector 6 mvp colony visakhapatnam 17 p

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Remuneration of retiring partnet

one of my clint has partnetship firm in which one of the partnet died during f y 2014 15 remuneration paid to tetiring partnet up to date of death but in 143 1 intimation remuneration disallowed and d

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Industrial training registration

Hi i had a query pertaining to the industrial training registration date i had left my old firm on 26 10 2015 and registerd with industry trainer on 27 10 2015 based on these dates i appeared for may

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Managerial remuneration

If a Public Company get pass the general meeting resolution for the same to increase the limit above 11 of net profitas on 21 05 2015 but not get the approval of CG in formMR 2 till now what is the va

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  • IND AS 21-The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

    An entity may carry on foreign activities in two ways It may have transactions in foreign currencies or it may have foreign operations In addition an entity may present its financial statements in a foreign currency The objective of this Standard is to prescribe how to include foreign currency transactions and foreign operations in the financial statements of an entity and how to translate financial statements into a presentation currency


  • Ratio analysis

    ratio analysis


  • CA IPCC Group 1 Accounts



  • General Loan Terms file

    Dear Friends During the Audit we not used to check the terms and conditions of loan if accepted by company from related party In exceptional cases Herein i am attaching sheet under which a general terms and condition sheet attached through we can accept a declaration made by company and director on loans Kindly share your s view on this for further changes Rahul Verma rahulverma3055 gmail com


  • The Income Declaration Scheme Rules, 2016

    New Valuation Rules


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Incorporation of Company as per the Companies Act, 2013

At the outset basically the details of the Director s and subscriber s are required for the incorporation of the Company However the steps for the incorporation of a company as per the Companies Act 2

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Comparison between incorporation of company by new and old process

According to the latest World Bank report India stands at the 142th position in terms of ease of doing business globally No wonder there have always been clamour and concern for bureaucratic hurdles w

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Beware: tax evaders take bath in this "Kumbhmela" of income declaration scheme 2016 or else?

Arjuna Fictional Character Krishna by taking a holy bath in Kumbhmela a person purifies himself Now the Income Tax Department has come up with the Income Declaration Scheme 2016 to purify the Tax evad

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Analysis on inventory turnover ratio & holding level

MANU CONVERSATION BETWEEN MANU AND VINU ABOUT INVENTORY TURNOVER RATIO HOLDING LEVEL VINU Manu Hi Vinu Vinu Manu I am desperately waiting for you Manu Why Whats the matter Vinu My Boss and his brothe

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A study on income declaration scheme 2016

The scheme is basically brought as a last opportunity to declare black money and the wealth to see a black money free economy in our country in the coming time The scheme proposes reasonable taxation

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