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Revised return under tnvat reg

Good afternoon Sir Madam i have filed Jan 16 Monthly return TNVAT in that i forget to add interstate purchase 4 bills I have to given C forms for that dealer what should i do Can we file revised retur

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Tnvat annual return filling_rgds

Res Sir Good Morning my client is Running is Malikai Shop Yearly Turnover is Rs 8 Lacks how to filling TNVAT Annual Return what commodity code is malikai items and then what is FORM K Kindly help me V

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Can two partnership firms with same partners have one VAT Registrtaion certificate

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Tnvat applicability for construction contracts

I have the following query An assessee has constructed residential properties and is ready for sale He has entered into two different agreements for construction and sale of land When he is raising in

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C form generate (tnvat)

Dear Sir Madam I had filed my august monthly vat return including CST purchase at that time our inter state supplier was two numbers which is one supplier name with TIN number correct and another supp

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Tnvat on buying new flat

Hi Can anyone help me out with the following problem ASAP We have purchased a flat in the year 2014 and it is nearing possesion by 2 weeks Suddenly the builder is saying that there is an additional TN

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Malikai items tnvat commodity code_rgds

Dear Sir i am filling TNVAT Annual return my cliant running is malikai shop annual turnover is 8 lakhs now my doubt is what is malikai shop items commodity code Kindly Help Me how to filling online re

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Tnvat industrial input certificate

Please anyone share me the TN VAT Industrial Input Certificate Format

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As per our commodity code tax should be tnvat 14.5%

As per our commodity code tax should be vat 14 5 in tamilnadu but we have got GO from tamilnadu government for concession rate of tax 5 for supply to defence So we claimed 5 for all defence sectors th

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Tnvat composite scheme

Please Explain

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  • TNVat returns user manual

    tnvat returns user manual


  • TN commodity code list

    tn commodity code list


  • Tamilnadu VAT Tin Verification Utility in Excel

    Copy your List of VAT Tin in to this sheet and click Veryfy online Button n get extract of VAT TIN Detail from www tnvat gov in site automatically This utility run in Excel 2007 spk 2 or higher version


  • Form JJ TNVAT

    Form JJ TNVAT Word format


  • TNVAT ITC Reversal



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Dealer friendly e-C Tax Website and Changes in TNVAT Act, 2006

Introduction In order to curb tax evasion of selected notified commodities which are brought into the State and sold without any tax payment to the exchequer the Tamilnadu State Government has brought

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Registration under TNVAT Act

The law and procedure relating to registration of a person as a dealer under the TNVAT Act is specified in sections 38 and 39 of the TNVAT Act Any dealer or any person who wants to do business in the

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