Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules 2015


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ICAI Election - Valid Lists of Nominations

Re Valid Lists of Nominations for election to the Twenty Third Council and Twenty Second Regional Councils In pursuance of sub rule 1 of rule 13 of the Chartered Accountants Election to the Council Ru

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Form 15G and 15H for non deduction of TDS can be submitted electronically now

Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes New Delhi 30th September 2015 Subject Simplification of procedure for Form No 15G 15H regarding Tax payers s

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Companies (Management and Administration) Amendment Rules, 2015

Companies Management and Administration Amendment Rules 2015 Please refer to the attached file for details

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Advisory from CPC (TDS) regarding spurious emails

Dear Deductor Taxpayer This is to inform that a few emails received by the Deductors and Taxpayers have been brought to the attention of the Centralized Processing Cell TDS which claim to have been or

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i had taken a amount from employee for tds but not deposited up to now but now i need to deposite how much int i need to pay

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Tds rate

Hi One of my client is to make the payment to International air transport association canada for allocating the aircraft designated code to their air craft Can anybody please explain me what is the wi

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Tds default because of mismatch in tan no.

I had Paid TDS Amount with Old TAN no but Filled Return in New TAN no in FY 2011 12 Q1 So kindly provide me with Solution For this Default

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Form 26as & tds

Dear Experts I had received notice u s 245 for FY 2008 09 2009 10 For the same years I had paid taxes in form of TDS through book adjustment Iam a Govt deductee In Form 26AS ststus of booking is showi

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Tds amount subsequently paid allowed in prev year or not??

The Entity has made some provision at the end of the year but failed to deduct TDS on it Later on realizing its mistake it has deducted TDS on these Expenses after the year end But the problem is such

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Tds return filling default due to old tan no.

I had Paid TDS Amountwith Old TAN no but Filled Return in New TAN no in FY 2011 12 Q1 So kindly provide me with Solution For this Default

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Applicability of tds for on-line tests

We are shortly going to sell on line work style assessmenttests to our corporate clients in India which they would use for their selecting appropriate job applicants as well as for assessing their emp

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Etds quarterly return upload

Hi all I am trying to upload the etds quarterly return at the tin nsdl site but nothing happens when I add file Please help Thanks in advance Maheswari

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Excess paid tds

If TDS paid twice or excess paid by taxpayer then what to do if for refund the excess or twice paid TDS how to apply to TDS department what s the procedure for refunding or claiming TDS

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Tds new form 15g/15h

As per NEW Amendments now onwards Form 15G 15H can file online But where we can file online Is there any websites or else if anyone have procedure then inform

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  • Use of Capitalization in English writing

    We often fee skeptical while doing capitalization This article is brush up on capitalization rules


  • Written English: use of comma

    We often ignore punctuation rules while communicating our ideas or message in writing This articles describes various rules of using comma in written English


  • Document Management addon for Tally

    Greetings fellow forum members Let me thank you for your valuable support advice and feedback on our first addon Continuing with the same we wish to present you with our new addon Document Management System Experience has taught accountants and buisnessmen to have ready access to documents related to all entries in an accounting system We have come up with an addon specifically to address such issues We present this Document Management addon a useful tool for people who wish to attach any bills invoices cerificates etc i e any file you wish to attach with any accounting entry as a supporting document or evidence Thus it helps for future reference for accountants and also for audit purposes for auditors This addon is a trial version which only works for contra entries as well as masters If you wish to attach any documentary evidence for withdrawal of cash from bank or vice versa you can attach scanned copy camera captured image of the deposit slip withdrawal slip For people who wish to attach supplier or vendor details say TDS certificates or VAT service tax certificates they can attach any such documents during creation or alteration of such masters This can be applied to many areas say assets where bills invoices may be attached or excel sheets having depreciation calculations can be attached The Paid version of this addon can be used for all voucher types We hope that this trial version will convince you of the full potential of this addon In case of any query or feedback please feel free to communicate Regards CA Deepak Agarwal Gyrotech info gyrotech in 7738286611


  • TDS - A Power-Point Presentation



  • Declaration Format

    Declaration to be obtained from transport contractor for paying sums without TDS


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Exegesis of the 'Rules of Computation of H-VAT' for Builders

The controversy regarding liability to pay VAT on agreements for sale of flats and units by builders and developers in Haryana has been emerged over a last few years It is purely a grey area where not

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Service Tax- Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012

Introduction Service Tax is very important source of revenue for the Central Government Therefore it has been tried to increase the tax base by introducing negative tax regime with effect from 01 07 2

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Neutralise artificial restrictions under Cenvat Credit Rules

Cenvat Credit scheme is designed to avoid cascading effects but it has been seen over a period that the government has been diluting the basic philosophy of the rule by introducing many arbitrary rest

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Service Tax - Point of Taxation Rules, 2011

Introduction The Point of Taxation Rules 2011 hereinafter referred to as the POT Rules were notified on March 1 2011 and have been amended from time to time As mentioned in my earlier Article service

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MVAT - TDS on Work Contract (WCT TDS)

Meaning ofwork Contract A works contract is an agreement which is a mixture ofservice orlabour andtransferof goods Under a works contractthe contractoragrees to do certain job in execution whereof cer

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